Yedeni Forest Conservation Project

This forest REDD+ project implements a forest management framework to help locals and governments to manage the responsibility and the benefits of a precious forest together.
  • Forest Conservation
  • Sustainable Agriculture



Located in the Bale eco-region in Ethiopia, which has approximately 500,000 ha of high forest, this REDD+ project is helping to reduce deforestation and develop more sustainable agricultural practices. The area is home to Africa’s largest alpine forest and an area of high biodiversity and significant ecological importance.

However, poverty levels among communities in the region are high which has driven the exploitation of the forest for firewood and agricultural expansion as locals have historically had open access to forest land. The consequences of this have been rapid deforestation and forest degradation.

This project implements a Participatory Forest Management framework which helps local users and government to manage the responsibility and benefits of the forest together. They gain economic incentives from the sale of carbon credits for avoiding deforestation.