Bokhol Senegal Solar Project

This is the first ever solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Senegal and one of the largest in West Africa providing 160,000 people with access to renewable energy.
  • Renewable Energy



Senegal is ranked 164th in the Human Development Index and over 43% of the population do not have access to electricity. What energy the country does supply is CO2 intensive and expensive, such as diesel, coal and gas.

The Bokhol plant, one of the largest of its kind in West Africa, covers 50 hectares and is equipped with 77,000 modules which are connected to the national grid. Its supply of renewable solar energy saves the government US$5 million per year.  It also provides Senegalese people with jobs and makes sure that the sale of carbon credits fund investments into the local community to improve the quality of living conditions.