Set a strategy: Climate Risk Analysis.

Find our which areas of your business are at risk from climate change and learn how to capitalise on opportunities.

All companies are at risk from climate change. Emerging carbon legislation. Changing weather patterns. Rising fuel costs.

Establishing which areas of your business are most at risk from climate change will inform your strategy. It will also help you to comply to increasing stakeholder and investor demands to account for and be transparent on climate risk.


How we can help with climate risk analysis.

Find out which areas of your business are at risk from climate change and learn how to capitalise on existing opportunities. Our approach includes:

Risks and opportunities identification workshop

We will help you evaluate which areas of your business are most susceptible to climate risk by collaborating with you and your key stakeholders.

Risk prioritization

Our expertise in prioritising your risks and opportunities will allow you to set long and short-term targets and action plans.

Risk mitigation plan

Understanding what are the most relevant environmental, social and governance issues within your organisation.We can advise on a strategy to minimise the risks of climate change as well as the financial, operational and reputational costs to your business.

Opportunity identification

We will identify where you could actually benefit from climate change. Be it by differentiating your product, reducing costs, or streamlining processes.

Download our Factsheet

Whilst many businesses measure and report their carbon emissions, and set a target to reduce their emissions, few fully understand the wider social and environmental risks they face from a changing climate. Access our factsheet to understand:

  • The risk of climate change to business
  • The opportunities climate change could present
  • Our approach to climate risk and opportunity

Why choose EcoAct.

At EcoAct we are driven by a shared purpose to make a difference. To help businesses to implement positive change in response to climate and carbon challenges, whilst also driving commercial performance.
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Case study: Compass Group

"EcoAct provided us with invaluable help for our CDP response this year and were very accommodating with our extra requirements. It was a pleasure working with them"
Sustainability Manager
Compass Group
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