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Emissions Measurement & Net-Zero Strategy

Creating a net-zero plan starts with understanding your climate impact, agreeing the boundaries of your climate ambitions and devising a robust and informed strategy for action.

Net-zero planning starts by understanding your impact on the planet, agreeing the boundaries of your climate ambitions and devising a robust and informed strategy for action.

It is important from the outset of any climate initiative to calculate your total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This is essentially the baseline against which you will track your future progress to net-zero and beyond.

At EcoAct we can provide support with carbon footprint calculation, including the more challenging tasks of calculating Scope 3/supply chain emissions or even the emissions of an investment portfolio.

We also offer a footprint validation service so you can gain independent assurance for your existing carbon footprint and be sure that you have a credible figure to communicate with your stakeholders and a firm start point for your net-zero plan.

Other crucial elements to consider are governance, stakeholder engagement and benchmarking so that you can be clear on the priorities for your organisation and the expectations upon it, and that there will be clear ownership and oversight to ensure you reach your climate goals.

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Biodiversity Footprinting and Accounting

Reducing your organisation’s impact and acting positively on biodiversity is necessary to halt our ecosystems’ decline.

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Scope 3

Expectations for companies to measure and report on their Scope 3 emissions are increasing. Reporting Scope 3 emissions allows you to engage with your supply chain and obtain information on carbon emissions and reductions, energy, water and waste efficiency.

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Carbon Footprinting

Any climate strategy starts by calculating a carbon footprint to understand your organisation’s climate impact and to focus your emissions reduction initiatives.

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Climate Strategy

Embedding climate and sustainability related thinking into strategic decisions is an opportunity for your organisation to innovate, increase investments in green technology, and accelerate emission reductions.

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Circle sky

We are proud to be carbon positive; offsetting more than the emissions that we produce. Fundamental to our offsetting approach is that we support projects that align to our business activities and strategic areas of focus; an outcome which EcoAct has assisted us in achieving.

Helen Wickham, Head of Sustainable Business and Reporting, The Berkeley Group

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EcoAct's ACTR approach: Guiding your organisation towards net-zero

EcoAct’s ACTR approach helps organisations navigate the complexities and obstacles of transitioning to net-zero,  leverage the opportunities from the business transformation process, while building resilience, protecting nature, and actively contributing to the regeneration of our environment.



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