CRaFT Carbon Reduction and Feasibility Tool

Set emissions targets and track carbon reductions

Carbon Reduction and Feasibility Tool (CRaFT)

EcoAct’s Carbon Reduction and Feasibility Tool (CRaFT) is with you for your whole climate journey, from target setting to net-zero and beyond. It will inform your decision making and give you confidence in your climate actions.

Why choose EcoAct.

Over more than 18 years, EcoAct has developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities that organisations face in addressing climate change and transitioning to a net-zero economy


projects in the pipe, from ecosystem restoration to cookstove projects


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How CRaFT can help you forecast and track your emissions reductions

As we work to achieve net-zero by 2050, robust science-based targets provide a clearly defined pathway for companies to reduce carbon emissions.

Whether you have already set climate targets or are planning to set one, CRaFT can help you find the successful pathway to your climate ambitions. The tool combines historical performance data with emissions reduction initiatives, developed by our advisory experts to easily forecast, track and realise emissions reductions within your organisation.

Increase confidence in your near- and long-term climate targets and how you will achieve them. CRaFT will enable your organisation to build and compare custom-made, costed emission reduction scenarios.


Forecast your emissions

CRaFT can house all of your emissions-related data and produce visual outputs of the course of your emissions into the future.

Set robust climate targets

Visually map your emissions data and reduction scenarios against a science-aligned target. CRaFT can help you understand the best means to achieve your climate targets and stay on track with emissions reductions.

Carbon reduction and Feasability Tool CRaFT|

Track your progress towards climate targets

CRaFT provides a clear picture of your emissions reductions throughout your net-zero journey. Add new initiatives, update the performance of specific business units and create new scenarios for emissions reductions.

Engage stakeholders

CRaFT provides an internal breakdown of your target for different areas of your business. Engage your colleagues and incentivise them to plan and deliver on their individual targets and track their own progress.

Add transparency and integrity to your climate disclosures

CRaFT will help you demonstrate ambitious targets, organisational oversight and emissions reduction progress to your stakeholders.


5 steps to setting a science-based target and meeting it

Do you know how to set a science-based target? Our factsheet on the 5 steps to setting and meeting a science-based target will show you how to align your carbon reduction targets with the rate of decarbonisation required by science to limit global warming to 1.5 degrees. Learn how to assess the feasibility of your target, the recommended approaches and the stages of calculating an SBT.



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Key Questions on CRaFT

What is CRaFT?

CRaFT is the Carbon Reducation and Feasibility Tool from EcoAct, Climate Consultants and Sustainability experts for over 18 years. The tool helps businessess set robost carbon reduction targets, based on real company data, to ensure your targets are both ambitious and achievable. It will inform your decision making and give you confidence in your climate actions.

Why is it important for companies to set robust emissions reduction targets?

Setting robust emissions reduction targets is not only a moral imperative but also a smart business strategy. It aligns companies with global climate goals, ensures compliance with regulations, manages risks, and enhances their reputation, ultimately contributing to long-term success and sustainability. Reputation is a significant asset for any company. Consumers, investors, and stakeholders are increasingly environmentally conscious, and they favor businesses that demonstrate commitment to sustainability. Robust emissions reduction targets, along with transparent reporting on progress, can enhance a company’s reputation, build trust, and attract socially responsible investors and customers. Conversely, a failure to address emissions can lead to public backlash, damage to a company’s brand, and loss of market share.

How do I get started with the CRaFT Carbon Reduction and Feasibility Tool?

To get started, contact us and enquire about a demo of the tool. Once you’ve seen how it works, you can choose from the two options for using the CRaFT Carbon Reduction Feasibility Tool for your business. One is to have our team help you with setup and train your team on how to use, the other is for us to set your organisation up and manage the platform for you.

Circle sky

We are facing a climate emergency and the contribution of companies is essential to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. At Servier, we are mobilised. With EcoAct’s help, we have measured our carbon footprint and defined an ambitious strategy, the robustness and consistency of which has been confirmed by the SBTi. Our objective is to reduce our emissions by 25% by 2030. Even if the contributions of some departments are more impactful than others, our challenge is to involve all teams and every employee

Vincent Minvielle , CSR Director of Servier

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