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Measurement and Strategy

Sustainable Finance

Sustainable finance is an important opportunity for banks, asset owners, asset managers and financial services firms. The finance sector has a key role to play in driving climate action by accelerating the transition of the real economy towards net-zero.

Why choose EcoAct.

EcoAct brings together a broad range of international corporate climate expertise and years of experience working across all sectors of the economy.


projects in the pipe, from ecosystem restoration to cookstove projects


Countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and Europe


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Measurement and Net-Zero Strategy

All financial services firms have a role to play in driving greater climate action across the wider economy, and in accelerating the transition of the real economy towards net-zero. Across the G20 and beyond, technology changes combined with new rules and regulations are amplifying the pace of change.

In a fast-evolving global economy, it is critical to build sustainable finance strategies and processes to become a core part of investment and business strategy.

How we can help

EcoAct supports providers and users of finance, helping to transform their operating models, comply with new regulations, and to align with net-zero pathways across all industries. We help clients embed climate risks and opportunities into their business models to support strategic competitive advantage.

Sustainable finance

Climate strategy

Maturity assessment of firm climate strategy and deep dive on net zero target setting methodologies


Net-zero targets

Target-setting, implementation, and reporting support


Carbon footprinting

Portfolio carbon footprint and Climate Scenario Analysis, with risk and opportunity assessment modules


Stakeholder engagement

Engagement with corporate banking clients and portfolio companies on climate targets and emissions accounting and progress monitoring

Circle sky

Tackling climate change is one of the biggest challenges of our time and for NatWest Group it’s central to our purpose-led strategy. As the leading bank in the UK for business customers, and one of the largest for retail customers, we have a significant responsibility, and the ability, to encourage, enable and lead the way in helping people across the UK to transition to a net zero carbon economy.

While we understand we have to think long term, we also know that we must act now, and NatWest Group is determined to play a leading role in tackling climate change and helping our customers do the same. Which is why we’re providing customers the option of choosing to receive their bank statements digitally to help reduce CO2 emissions. The work that EcoAct, a leading provider of climate solutions, has undertaken, demonstrates how, if we all make small changes, we can work together towards tackling the climate challenges we face. Switching from monthly paper statements to digital statements is a simple, secure and smart way for our customers to access their bank statements while creating a long term sustainable environment that enables customers and communities to thrive.


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Sustainable finance: Services for financial institutions

The financial risks of climate change are coming into sharper focus as regulators set out expectations for stress testing, climate risk management and transition planning. This introductory factsheet looks the sustainable finance opportunity, net-zero for the finance industry and EcoAct’s services for financial institutions