Emissions reduction targets &

Sustainability Reporting

Set ambitious climate targets, manage your data and track your progress to Net Zero.

Emissions reductions, net-zero targets, legislative compliance and effective sustainability disclosures all need robust systems and processes for data management.

At EcoAct we have 16 years experience helping companies to effectively manage and improve the quality of their data, supporting them in their mandatory and voluntary disclosures and helping them to satisfy the changing demands of best practice.

Net-zero requires significant reductions in carbon emissions, and therefore, it is highly recommended that you set a science-based target (SBT). This is an emissions reduction target developed in line with the decarbonisation required to limit global temperature increase to 1.5 or well-below 2 degrees centigrade.


As a Gold Accredited CDP supplier for SBTs, we are experienced at helping companies to navigate the challenges of target setting and validation. Not only this, our specialist software, CRaFT, can support you in finding the most feasible pathway to meet your target.

With quality data and an ambitious target, you have the foundation to weather the changing demands of the sustainability reporting landscape and keep your organisation on track for the transition to net-zero.



Science-based Targets

Wissenschaftsbasierte Ziele (SBTs) sind ehrgeizige Kohlenstoffreduktionsziele, die mit den neuesten Erkenntnissen der Klimawissenschaft übereinstimmen.

Science-based Targets

Science-based targets (SBTs) are ambitious carbon reduction targets in line with the latest climate science.

Sustainability Software & Systems

Carbon and energy accounting and sustainability tools are built specifically to gather, manage and process large quantities of data.

Environmental Legislative Compliance

The environmental policy landscape is changing. We can help you to unravel and comply with the regulatory demands on your business.


As a gold accredited provider with CDP we can help you prepare a comprehensive submission and improve your score.

Reporting Frameworks

There are many frameworks for corporate sustainability reporting. From GRI to SDGs. Help is here to unscramble the acronyms and guide your business with the information you need for your corporate sustainability disclosures.

FLAG Science-Based Targets

As the need for climate action becomes increasingly urgent, it is critical that emissions from the land sector be addressed.

Case study


"We're proud to have supported ATOS in defining their low-carbon targets and gaining approval of their science-based target by the Science Based Target initiative (SBTi)."

Arnaud Doré
Managing Director, EcoAct France

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5 steps to setting a science-based target and meeting it

Science-based targets (SBTs) are emission reductions targets aligned with the rate of decarbonisation required by science to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees or 1.5 degrees. SBTs are a rapidly growing initiative with the number of companies publicly declaring theirs growing by the day. The factsheet will provide you with a 5-step journey to setting your targets and ensuring success with your ambitious new goals including:
  • Laying solid foundations
  • Identifying your target-setting approach
  • Setting the target
  • Mapping your reduction trajectory
  • Gaining SBTi validation

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