Measure for Zero: Reporting Frameworks.

There are many frameworks for sustainability reporting. From GRI to SDGs. Help is here to unscramble the acronyms and excel in your sustainability disclosures.

There are choices and challenges when it comes to sustainability and climate disclosures.

First. There are many frameworks, standards and benchmarks that can be reported to: CDP, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI), the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI), the Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB), the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to name just a small handful. No organisation can or needs to report against every set of standards. A choice will need to be made about what is most appropriate. This is a choice we can help with.

Second. Gathering the right information for high quality disclosures that keep you stakeholders and investors satisfied is a key. We can make this simple.

How we can help with Reporting Frameworks.

If you are lost in a sea of sustainability reporting frameworks and company data, help is at hand

Help understand the framework that’s right for you

We understand the trends and drivers behind frameworks and can steer you through the disclosure maze.

Collect, manage and analyse your data for accurate disclosures

From collecting data to measuring your footprint, setting your KPIs and targets, and monitoring and disclosing your performance. We can offer a one-stop circular solution.

Manage your disclosure submissions

Every year we help many companies with their CDP submissions and their legislative compliance disclosures. We can reduce the burden for you.

Improve your contribution to the sustainable development goals

We offer solutions to boost your disclosures against these important global goals such as our low carbon offsetting projects, which are all developed to provide additional social and environmental benefits.

Download our eBook

Our Big eBook of Sustainability Reporting Frameworks catalogues 26 of the major mandatory and voluntary frameworks, standards, methodologies and permits for businesses. It includes a summary of who reports, what is required and the benefits of each framework.

This is your go-to guide for environmental reporting.

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Why choose EcoAct.

At EcoAct we are driven by a shared purpose to make a difference. To help businesses to implement positive change in response to climate and carbon challenges, whilst also driving commercial performance.
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Case study: Compass Group

"EcoAct provided us with invaluable help for our CDP response this year and were very accommodating with our extra requirements. It was a pleasure working with them"
Sustainability Manager
Compass Group
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