Project Development

With 16 years’ experience as an offsetting project developer, we have a dedicated Nature & Technology-Based Solutions team. We ensure the projects we develop adhere to the best international standards, enabling the delivery of robust, third-party certified carbon credits that not only avoid, reduce or remove carbon emissions but also have a positive impact on local communities and biodiversity.


Developing and implementing an offsetting project

We support project developers and clients in all stages of project certification, from the design to the implementation of the project, as well as seeking the necessary funding. Our specialist team of experts work alongside an international network of partners and colleagues with local knowledge on the ground to enable deployment of projects around the world and ensure their long-term efficient management.

Develop an offsetting project


Finding a solution for you

If you are looking to develop or support the development of a carbon offsetting project to create impact and manage your supply chains, and/or build a portfolio of projects, we can advise on a strategy and find solutions to meeting your objectives and needs.

All our projects can add value by enabling our customers to improve sustainability disclosures, demonstrate proactivity on environment, social and governance issues, contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals. Our projects can help avoiding, reducing and removing residual emissions and help contribute to the global objective of net-zero in conjunction with ambitious emissions reduction programmes.

Finance an offsetting project


Our portfolio of projects in development

EcoAct has a growing portfolio of over 50 projects at various levels of maturity. Among these projects are the first ever blue carbon projects in threatened coastal areas; forest restoration projects in highly degraded land; and projects that aim to improve access to renewable energy, energy-efficient cookstoves, and clean water.

EcoAct is currently looking for project development opportunities specifically in the French territory. 

As a future-focused, innovative project developer, EcoAct is also looking into new solutions to reduce and remove carbon emissions, supporting the development of certification methodologies, and conducting pilot studies on the ground.

In 2021, EcoAct partnered with Digital Realty, Schneider Electric France and the Calanques National Park to launch the “Prométhée – Med” research project aiming to establish the first methodology for certifying the conservation and preservation of seagrass beds as part of the French Low Carbon Label. We are also running a similar pilot to establish a mangroves restoration methodology for the Label Bas Carbone in Martinique and Guadeloupe. More recently, EcoAct engaged in the preparation of several pilot studies in Kenya to assess the effectiveness of biochar as a low-carbon fuel source with our long-time partner, Climate Pal.

Nature-based solutions

Blue carbon

EcoAct is working on various restoration and reforestation projects in countries with some of the largest blue carbon potential, such as Indonesia, Mexico, India and Kenya. Particularly, we are focusing on mangrove restoration, as they are powerful carbon sinks. To date, EcoAct has identified and developing projects that aim to restore 10,000 hectares of mangrove ecosystems.

Land-based restoration

Forest landscape restoration and reforestation projects are vital to restore biodiversity and ecosystem services as well as to foster sustainable livelihoods. EcoAct is developing forest landscape restoration projects in Africa, including an ambitious plan to plant around 6 million trees in Mount Kenya to reforest degraded areas while enhancing agroforestry practices with local farmers.


The aim of REDD+ projects is to guarantee the long-term conservation of existing forests by identifying and tackling, together with local actors, the causes of forest degradation and deforestation. Benefits include limiting global warming, preserving biodiversity, and protecting forest-dependent rural livelihoods. EcoAct is exploring this climate solution in the Comoro Islands through the development of a project that aims to reinforce the protection of old growth forests in alliance with local partners.

Orchard carbon offsetting project development Plantation of orchards in France

EcoAct is currently searching for project developers willing to develop projects involved the planting of perennial fruit crops (orchards) on land currently not being cultivated for that purpose. The projects will be certified by the French Label Bas-Carbone standard.

Seagrass carbon offsetting Posidonie© Conservation of seagrass beds

EcoAct has contributed to the establishment of the first carbon accounting methodology in Europe dedicated to the protection of seagrass beds and is now searching for partners to develop, certify – under the French Label Bas-Carbone standard – and implement such projects in French territories.

Community-based solutions and renewable energy

Clean water

Over two billion people live in countries facing clean water scarcity. EcoAct is working to bring safe water to the communities that need it most through the construction and distribution of water treatment technologies. For example, EcoAct will implement boreholes in areas where we plan to distribute improved cookstoves. We are also supporting the expansion and certification of a project that is constructing solar-powered water kiosks in rural areas of Cambodia.

Improved Cookstoves carbon offsetting projects Improved cookstoves

EcoAct has extensive, award-winning experience in the development of cookstove projects in Africa. These learnings have helped us to replicate and develop similar projects across the continent and in countries such as India and Nepal. Improved cookstove projects aim to replace traditional methods of cooking which depend on large quantities of native firewood to function. The alternatives proposed by EcoAct and our local partners are more fuel-efficient, using less biomass and reducing pressure on forest resources. Additionally, clean cookstoves reduce indoor household pollution and cooking time, improving the quality of life for families.

Carbon offsetting Fuel switching and household energy efficiency Fuel switching and household energy efficiency

Together with our partners, we are financing the development of fuel switching and energy efficiency projects across Africa and Asia. Amongst others, we are developing biogas projects that will provide households with biodigesters and others that will promote the use of LED bulbs to reduce energy consumption.

Renewable energy

Carbon finance is helping develop renewable projects that will decrease the reliance on fossil fuels and alleviate energy poverty by providing clean energy sources to rural communities around the world. EcoAct is currently looking into developing renewable energy solutions, such as wind farms.

Biochar Carbon offsetting projects Biochar production

Biochar is a charcoal-like, carbon-rich and stable material produced by pyrolysing biomass with the ability to store carbon and retain nutrients and water due to its porous physical structure. and the Verified Carbon Standard have developed methodologies to quantify greenhouse gas (GHG) emission reductions from producing biochar. EcoAct is currently seeking project developers that aim to develop biochar projects under these standards.


Our portfolio of experts

Our growing Nature & Technology-Based Solutions team consists of 30 people from 8 different countries with expertise in project development, the carbon market, climate consultancy and communications.

Our experts work closely with our partners on the ground in various locations around the world. Our multidisciplinary and multicultural team is constantly working to expand the geographical and technical scope of our expertise in the development and promotion of nature-based and technology-based solutions.

Hear more from our team in this recording of a recent webinar.