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ISO 50001

Achieving the ISO 50001 standard enables your business to continually reduce energy use, costs and GHG emissions. EcoAct can help your business meet the ISO 50001 standard, guiding you through each step of the process.

Why choose EcoAct.

EcoAct is committed to making a difference by assisting businesses in addressing climate and environmental challenges while boosting commercial performance.


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How we can help with ISO 50001

EcoAct can help your business meet the ISO 50001 standard, guiding you through each step of the process to ensure a systematic approach to achieving continual improvement of energy performance, including energy efficiency, energy security, energy use and consumption. Our energy management systems solutions can help you with the following:


Energy and process audit and strategy development

An audit can determine your organisation’s current status to understand the work required. We will then develop a strategy that will include establishing key performance indicators (KPIs) in line with your business needs and reporting framework.

ISO 50001 energy management

Support through certification process

Including implementing a structure to carry out regular energy monitoring, targeting and reporting. In addition to this, we can facilitate stakeholder training.


Annual review of management system

To ensure that year on year the standard is helping you to achieve continual improvement in energy efficiency.


The Big eBook of Sustainability Reporting Frameworks

Our Big eBook of Sustainability Reporting Frameworks catalogues the major mandatory and voluntary frameworks, standards, methodologies and permits for businesses. It includes a summary of who reports, what is required and the benefits of each framework.

This is your go-to guide for environmental reporting.


Key questions on ISO 50001

What is ISO 50001?

ISO 50001 is an international energy management standard thatspecifies a framework for implementing, maintaining and improvingan energy management system. The standard explains the creation ofan internal managerial system, structured to aid energy efficiency andreduce energy consumption. The latest version of the standard (ISO50001:2018) was released in August 2018.

What are the benefits of ISO 50001?

• Provides a standard for organisations to reduce their energy use, and therefore energy costs.
• ISO 50001 certification is a route to compliance with ESOS (UK) and Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive (EU). ISO 50001 is an internationally recognised standard for energy management.
• Presents a systematic approach for continual improvement of energy performance.

What are the compliance criteria for ISO 50001?

Companies are expected to demonstrate the Four Key Principles which enable organisations to integrate energy management into their business structure at every level. These are Plan, Do, Check and Act.

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