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Renewable Energy Strategy

Renewable Energy

Ensuring transparency and driving commercial benefits in your renewable energy sourcing.

Why choose EcoAct.

EcoAct is committed to making a difference by assisting businesses in addressing climate and environmental challenges while boosting commercial performance.


projects in the pipe, from ecosystem restoration to cookstove projects


Countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and Europe


of the projects in the pipe are removal projects

renewable energy is backed by renewable energy certificates – Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origins (REGOs) or Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs)

Renewable energy, REGOs and RECs

Energy production is today the main source of greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for 25% of worldwide emissions. Buying renewable energy is an increasingly important part of a robust climate-focused business and energy strategy. It is also an important way to reduce your environmental impact and support the transition to the low-carbon economy.

At a time when transparency and accountability are increasingly important, it is vital that renewable energy is backed by renewable energy certificates – Renewable Energy Guarantee of Origins (REGOs) or Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs). Our services offer peace of mind.


How we can help with with renewable energy

Whether you are a supplier or a buyer of renewables, we can help you deliver a robust renewable energy strategy.

  • Help for renewable energy buyers: We support your renewable energy procurement by sourcing your electrons from the electricity supplier, and obtaining your renewable certificates from the market, so you get a superior product at the same or better pricing. We can also help you to achieve your RE100 commitments.
  • Help for renewable energy suppliers: We assure the products of a number of renewable electricity providers so that both suppliers and customers alike can have confidence in their renewable energy. We can undertake and support you through the auditing and assurance process and issue you with your renewable energy certification.
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The verification and assurance of REGOs for renewable products like Npower's 'Business Renewable' product provides businesses with confidence that electricity purchased is generated by renewable energy sources.

Stuart Lemmon, CEO, EcoAct

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EcoAct's ACTR approach: Guiding your organisation towards net-zero

EcoAct’s ACTR approach helps organisations navigate the complexities and obstacles of transitioning to net-zero,  leverage the opportunities from the business transformation process, while building resilience, protecting nature, and actively contributing to the regeneration of our environment.



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Renewable Energy FAQs

What is renewable energy?

Renewable energy is energy that comes from a natural sources that can be completely replenished. Exampels of renewable energy includes solar, wind, tidal and biomass energy.

Why is renewable energy important?

Renewable energy sources help address climate change by reducing dependence on fossil fuels and reducing air pollution. Buying renewable energy allows your organisation to reduce your environmental impact.

Climate Mitigation

ISO 50001

Achieving the ISO 50001 standard enables your business to continually reduce energy use, costs and GHG emissions. EcoAct can help your business meet the ISO 50001 standard, guiding you through each step of the process.

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Energy Management Systems

As we move towards a net-zero world, ensuring that energy efficiency and robust energy management is embedded throughout the business is more important than ever. Achieve energy savings through robust data collection, specialist systems and detailed analysis.

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Carbon Pricing

EcoAct’s Carbon and Energy Pricing Tool can support you through analysis of regulatory risks and implementation of a tailored carbon pricing mechanism. We know the demands of business are many. We can help reduce the burden of this one.

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Carbon Neutrality

Carbon neutrality plays an important role in the transition to net-zero. Whilst you work to urgently reduce your emissions, in the interim, you can contribute to sustainable development and nature-based solutions.

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Life Cycle Assessment

Understanding the environmental impacts of your products and services throughout their entire life cycle will enable you to make the right decisions on climate and sustainability

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