Plan for Zero: Carbon Neutrality.

Carbon neutrality plays an important role in the transition to a global Net Zero economy.

To effectively limit global warming, we need to take responsibility for our full impact and take every measure possible to reduce it today. Whilst you work to urgently reduce your emissions, in the interim, you can offset your existing footprint via the purchase of carbon credits from avoided emissions projects. This enables you to contribute to international sustainable development and vital nature-based solutions to climate change. You will also become a carbon neutral business.

How we can help with with carbon neutrality.

We will assist you from start to finish in designing and implementing your carbon neutral strategy.

Nature-based solutions

Supporting carbon offsetting projects could contribute to reducing deforestation, improving the health and livelihoods of communities
or helping to finance renewable infrastructure to decarbonise energy supply. We put together portfolios of select projects which can be aligned to a company’s values and priorities.

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

All of our projects are aligned to various SDGs, such as improving health; improving sustainable economic growth; improving gender equality; preserving biodiversity and life on land; and, of course, urgently tackling climate change.

Verification, carbon credit retirement & offset certification

At EcoAct, we also undertake our own audits in addition to
the verification process so that we can ensure our clients of the robustness of the projects they are investing in. We also manage the process of credit retirement on international carbon registries and provide certification of offsets.

Achieving carbon neutrality

We can help you to calculate or validate your footprint to be offset so that you can make a credible carbon neutral claim. We can also support you in gaining PAS 2060 or PAS 2050 carbon neutral certification.

Download our Factsheet

For a guide to the internationally recognised standard for carbon neutrality, download the PAS 2060 Factsheet.

Understand the main principles of the framework and what you need to do to achieve carbon neutrality and obtain validation.

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Why choose EcoAct.

At EcoAct we are driven by a shared purpose to make a difference. To help businesses to implement positive change in response to climate and carbon challenges, whilst also driving commercial performance.
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Case study: The Berkeley Group

"We are proud to be carbon positive; offsetting more than the emissions that we produce. Fundamental to our offsetting approach is that we support projects that align to our business activities and strategic areas of focus; an outcome which EcoAct has assisted us in achieving."
Helen Wickham
Head of Sustainable Business and Reporting, The Berkeley Group
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