Why choose Project Development

Are you interested in supporting the projects we develop? EcoAct will guide you towards investment in high-integrity projects that support the net-zero transition.

Why choose EcoAct.

At EcoAct we are driven by a shared purpose to make a difference. To help businesses to implement positive change in response to climate and environmental challenges, whilst also driving commercial performance.


of the projects in the pipe are removal projects


projects in the pipe, from ecosystem restoration to cookstove projects


Countries in Africa, Asia, Central America and Europe


Why invest in project development?

The steady increase in demand for carbon credits is projected to continue as more companies commit to net-zero targets. This is encouraging the development of new offsetting projects and more leading organisations are opting to support projects in the early stages as a component of their offset strategies.

To this end, EcoAct is not only putting its technical expertise in project development at the service of developers but also facilitating the access and mobilisation of carbon finance to enable impactful nature and community-based solutions which support the global transition to net-zero to come to fruition.

Investing in project development today can secure credit availability and manage price risk for your net-zero commitment. It also provides a myriad of opportunities for staff and customer engagement, as well as setting organisations apart from their competitors. Carbon credits generated by a newly developed project can be used for an organisation’s own offset requirements or can be sold to other organisations.

Project investment opportunities

Secure availability

Investing in a project secures the availability of credits to reduce the risk of limited supply into the future.

Lower credit price

Project investment today protects against price volatility in the future. Although it requires upfront investment, it is likely to yield a lower price per credit as credits sold on the market look to recoup their own development costs as well as being subject to the price volatility of the market.

Sales opportunities

Investing in project development today could provide project owners the opportunity to resell excess credits later.

Sense of ownership

Financing the development of an offsetting project gives investors the opportunity to be involved in the process and gain first-hand experience in offsetting solutions and how the integrity of their project has been assured.


What is carbon offsetting?

What is carbon offsetting?

We answer this and other FAQs is our factsheet, to help provide clarity on how carbon offsetting really works, the benefits provided by offsetting projects, and its role in tackling climate change.



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