Measure for Zero: CDP.

As a gold accredited provider with CDP we can help you prepare a comprehensive submission and improve your score.

CDP works on behalf of institutional investors and requests companies to disclose their climate change risks, carbon emissions, water use and forestry information.

What are the CDP questionnaires?

CDP currently has four categories of questionnaire for submission. Here is a brief summary of each.

Climate Change Questionnaire

requires disclosure of greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and climate risk.

Supply Chain Questionnaire

similar to the Climate Change Questionnaire, but the supply chain questionnaire is targeted at companies that are part of corporate supply chains.

Water Questionnaire

assessment of existing and future water risk, water strategy and water use information including relevant water reduction targets.

Forests Questionnaire

assessment of deforestation related activities / commodities including timber, palm oil, cattle products and soy.

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With over 10,000 companies, cities, states and regions now disclosing to CDP, it is one of the most comprehensive and widely-used sustainability reporting platforms in the world

For all the 2021 updates, timelines and the future of CDP, download your copy of the 2021 CDP Factsheet today.

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At EcoAct we are driven by a shared purpose to make a difference. To help businesses to implement positive change in response to climate and carbon challenges, whilst also driving commercial performance.
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Case study: Compass Group

"EcoAct provided us with invaluable help for our CDP response this year and were very accommodating with our extra requirements. It was a pleasure working with them"
Sustainability Manager
Compass Group
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