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Nature Based Solutions

Our experienced Nature-Based Solutions team helps companies support and develop climate projects that put nature and communities at the very centre.

Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) to climate change address challenges such as climate change, access to water, social and economic development and disaster risk by putting nature and people at the heart of the solutions.

This approach has always been a central part of what we do at EcoAct. We are committed to helping companies source carbon credits from projects that are certified to the most rigorous international standards to ensure they are robust, but also provide measurable benefits to the ecosystems and communities in which they operate.

From reducing deforestation to improving the health and livelihoods of communities or helping to finance renewable infrastructure to decarbonise energy supplies, these projects play a vital role in the global transition to Net Zero,

As the need to meet our climate goals becomes more urgent, we are continuing to build on our already extensive experience of developing carbon offsetting projects by expanding our reach into innovative projects on mangroves, biodiversity, forests, and ecological restoration to name a few.

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A nature-based solutions approach