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In 2016, npower Business Solutions launched a renewable energy product ‘Business Renewable: REGO Backed Electricity’. The electricity from these types of contracts is backed by Renewable Electricity Guarantees of Origin (REGOs) – certificates that prove the electricity is generated from renewable sources. The product aims to satisfy customers seeking a renewable electricity supply and the ability to report zero GHG emissions for their electricity consumption. npower approached Carbon Clear (previous name of EcoAct UK) to provide assurance that npower’s product is compliant with the new GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance 2015 (World Resources Institute), by ensuring that for example customer usage is matched by ‘contractual instruments’ that meet the Scope 2 Quality Criteria.

Npower Limited is a UK-based electricity generator and supplier of gas and electricity to homes and businesses.

"The verification and assurance of REGOs for renewable products like Npower's 'Business Renewable' product provides businesses with confidence that electricity purchased is generated by renewable energy sources."

Stuart Lemmon
CEO, EcoAct UK



EcoAct conducted an independent third-party audit to assure that npower has designed and is managing its renewable energy product to fulfil these criteria. We worked closely with npower’s Product and Proposition team, reviewed all relevant documentation and conducted an onsite audit to assess the processes, people, and systems involved with the product’s operations. Following the successful assurance, we issued npower with an assurance stamp, assurance statement and management report. We will carry out an assurance process each year, to ensure continued compliance and adaptation to GHG Protocol amendments.

Our assurance stamp provides a guarantee that the electricity supply provided though the Business Renewable product is robust and is backed by a sufficient number of REGOs. This ensures that the associated electricity is reportable as ‘zero-carbon’ through the market-based methodology outlined in The GHG Protocol Scope 2 Guidance.

The result

  • Peace of mind to Npower and their customers
  • Compliance with GHG Protocols
  • Added value to their renewable energy product

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