Floresta de Portel

The Floresta de Portel project contributes to the fight against deforestation in northwest Brazil by offering new economic activities to local populations.
  • Forest Conservation
  • Sustainable Agriculture



The state of Para, in the Northwest of Brazil, hosts one of the richest ecosystems on the planet with a large diversity of both animal and plant species. However, this area is threatened with legal and illegal deforestation at a frenetic pace. In this poor region of Brazil, agriculture is developing at the expense of the forest.

The Floresta de Portel project aims to protect and preserve this fragile environment, and to prevent unscheduled deforestation in order to allow the forest to regenerate by itself. It helps local communities work with nature in a sustainable way by improving forest management. This project also enables the development of fair-trade activities through agroforestry and better territory management in the form of a “private conservation reserve”.

Over 40 years, the Floresta de Portel project avoids the emission of over 22 millions tCO2e. It also protects the forest and the region’s biodiversity  by ending tree harvesting and the destruction of natural habitats.  Additionally, this project creates employment opportunities for local communities.