Native American Hardwoods Project

Minnesota, USA
This American Carbon Registry Hardwoods Offsetting Project is helping to bend the climate curve, restore species habitat, clean the water, reduce GHG emissions and support the local and global economy.



UPM Blandin Paper Company is conducting improved forest management practices on 187,876 acres of land in northern Minnesota, initiated in part to mitigate climate change. 173,386 acres of this land are forested acres meeting American Carbon Registry (ACR) standard methodology and requirements.

The Blandin forest has historically faced various acquisitions resulting in large-scale harvesting. In July of 2010, UPM Blandin signed a perpetual conservation easement of the forest, signalling the start of its forest management practices. Project activities include UPM’s Smart Forestry practices maintaining the diversity of natural forest communities and aligning management with ecological regimes, as well as reducing harvesting impacts on the forest and mitigating climate change.



Aligning with the

Sustainable Development Goals

SDG 6 : Clean Water and Sanitation

This project contributes to improve water quality and conserving wetlands. It protects 60,000 acres of wetlands, 33 miles of lake and pond shoreline & 151 miles of streams.

SDG 4 : Quality Education

The project supports education and research, in 2018: 30 students visited the projects, 175 attendees at ecosystem and forest management workshops, 4 ecosystem research studies.

SDG 15 : Life on Land

The forest protects a diverse suite of wildlife, including 30 miles of state designated trout streams, 47 species of birds, and over 30 species of mammals including black bear, grey wolf, and moose.

The result

  • Protects forest ecosystems including both land and water in the Northern Minnesota region
  • Preserves and conserves timber for future generations. The forest supplies 17 facilities in Minnesota, supporting more than 3,200 working families and hundreds more in related businesses.
  • Provides a critical habitat for rare species such as the northern long-eared bat and the golden-winged warbler
  • The project area has Sustainable Forestry Initiative (SFI) certification and a conservation easement demonstrating high-quality management

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