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Our verified carbon offsetting projects are carefully selected or developed by our team of climate finance experts and project developers to ensure they deliver real carbon emission reductions and life-enhancing social benefits.

As internationally accredited climate finance specialists and offsetting project developers, we know offsetting inside out. With the urgent global goal of net zero, offsetting is helping many businesses and organisations to achieve their carbon neutral goals whilst they continue to reduce their emissions.

That is why now, more than ever, it is important that the projects being used to offset emissions are credible and upheld to the most rigorous of standards. We take this very seriously.

But more than this, it is extremely important to us that every offsetting project we develop or support delivers tangible and measurable benefits to the communities in which they operate, empowering them to have ownership of a more sustainable future. We believe strongly that to effectively reach our goals to tackle climate change we must also counteract deforestation, support reforestation, finance renewable technologies, lift people out of poverty and deliver equitable sustainable development.

These beliefs are at the heart of our project development work. Our award-winning Sudan Low Smoke Cookstoves project is the first to be developed in a conflict zone and is delivering health and economic benefits to Sudanese families, with particular focus on female empowerment. The Hifadhi-Livelihoods Cleaner Cookstoves project (financed by The Livelihood Fund and developed in partnership with EcoAct) is training local artisans and project officers to manage the distribution of better and cleaner cookstoves in rural Kenya with positive impacts for families, communities and the environment.

Every single one of the international offsetting projects in our portfolio is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals and working towards a more sustainable future for all.

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From the Amazon rainforest to the rural communities of Vietnam, explore our portfolio of international carbon offsetting projects searching by location or project technology. Find out how each project is aligned to specific Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and providing benefits to local communities and the environment.

Yedeni Forest Conservation Project


This forest REDD+ project implements a forest management framework to help locals and governments to manage the responsibility and the benefits of a precious forest together.

Darfur Sudan Cookstove Project


Our award-winning cleaner cookstoves offsetting project is the first registered carbon credit project in Sudan and the first to be developed in a conflict zone. It is reducing emissions whilst helping families to breathe cleaner indoor air.

Chăn Nuôi Vietnam Biogas Project


Chăn Nuôi, a carbon offsetting project, enables families across Vietnam to use animal and human waste to generate a clean and sustainable source of energy with positive impacts for health and well-being.

Hifadhi-Livelihoods Project


‘Hifadhi’ means to preserve, and the aim of this clean cookstoves project is to preserve Kenya’s forests, and the health and livelihoods of rural communities.

Madre de Dios Amazon Forest Conservation Project


This verified carbon offsetting project reduces deforestation and helps to establish sustainable forest management practices.

Anourok Cambodia Forestry Project


This Forest REDD+ conservation project, called Anourok, prevents deforestation of a unique and biodiverse region which is the habitat of many native species.

Bokhol Senegal Solar Project


This is the first ever solar photovoltaic (PV) project in Senegal and one of the largest in West Africa providing 160,000 people with access to renewable energy.

Gandhi – India Wind Power Project


This bundled renewable energy project is comprised of wind power plants across various states in India, all of which have traditionally be reliant on fossil fuel generated electricity.

Ethiopia Clean Water Project


By rehabilitating broken boreholes and facilitating long-term maintenance, this carbon offsetting project is providing communities with a sustainable supply of clean water.

Jialing China Biogas Project


This carbon offsetting project helps to install biogas units which provide a cleaner and more renewable source of fuel to rural communities.

Native American Hardwoods Project

(Minnesota, USA)

This American Carbon Registry Hardwoods Offsetting Project is helping to bend the climate curve, restore species habitat, clean the water, reduce GHG emissions and support the local and global economy.

Itace Reforestation Project in Niger


The Itace project aims to fight desertification and poverty by planting 8,000 hectares of trees across Niger under the VERRA certification standard.

Anakot Thmei Water Kiosks in Cambodia


The Anakot Thmei project provides rural Cambodians with access to safe, affordable water while reducing pressure on forest resources.

Orinoco Colombia Forestry Project


In the Vichada region of Colombia, the poor density of the savannah is due to decades of livestock farming practices. The objective of the Orinoco project is to develop high-quality hardwood forests while stabilizing or restoring fragile and degraded areas. In addition to carbon sequestration through reforestation, the project provides social and environmental benefits to the area and local communities.

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