Our carbon offsetting


Our verified carbon offsetting projects are carefully selected or developed by our team of climate finance experts and project developers to ensure they deliver real carbon emission reductions and life-enhancing social benefits.

As internationally accredited climate finance specialists and offsetting project developers, we know offsetting inside out. With the urgent global goal of net zero, offsetting is helping many businesses and organisations to achieve their carbon neutral goals whilst they continue to reduce their emissions.

That is why now, more than ever, it is important that the projects being used to offset emissions are credible and upheld to the most rigorous of standards. We take this very seriously.

But more than this, it is extremely important to us that every offsetting project we develop or support delivers tangible and measurable benefits to the communities in which they operate, empowering them to have ownership of a more sustainable future. We believe strongly that to effectively reach our goals to tackle climate change we must also counteract deforestation, support reforestation, finance renewable technologies, lift people out of poverty and deliver equitable sustainable development.

These beliefs are at the heart of our project development work. Our award-winning Sudan Low Smoke Cookstoves project is the first to be developed in a conflict zone and is delivering health and economic benefits to Sudanese families, with particular focus on female empowerment. The Hifadhi-Livelihoods Cleaner Cookstoves project (financed by The Livelihood Fund and developed in partnership with EcoAct) is training local artisans and project officers to manage the distribution of better and cleaner cookstoves in rural Kenya with positive impacts for families, communities and the environment.

Every single one of the international offsetting projects in our portfolio is aligned to the Sustainable Development Goals and working towards a more sustainable future for all.