The Intelligent Way to Benchmark Sustainability

This week Carbon Clear launched the Intelligent Sustainability Benchmarking Toolkit, a free online platform for businesses to benchmark their approach to environmental sustainability. Answer 15 questions across three categories and receive an Intelligent Sustainability score, industry benchmark and recommendations for improvement plus observations about best practice.

The Intelligent Way to Benchmark Sustainability

The sustainability landscape is continually evolving as governments, organisations, investors and consumers seek to better understand the impact they have on the environment and how to make commercial decisions on social and governance issues.

It’s important for companies to understand how they are currently performing regarding these issues and how their actions compare with others in their industry sector.

The Intelligent Sustainability Benchmarking Toolkit allows you to see where your company might be leading the industry when it comes to environmental sustainability as well as helping find areas for improvement.

Intelligent Sustainability Benchmarking will:

  • Assess the basic scope of environmental and sustainability activity and reporting
  • Assess company environmental and sustainability activity and reporting against an industry sector
  • Provide insight into trends and best practice
  • Identify opportunities for improvement

The Intelligent Sustainability Benchmarking Toolkit is a simple way to identify the strengths and weaknesses of your organisation’s sustainability strategy.

The toolkit, which can be completed in under three minutes, scores across three sections: Strategy, Measurement and Reduction, and Engagement

After completing the questions, you will receive immediate feedback including a score, benchmarking against your sector, a total average benchmark and suggestions for improvements. 

Check it out here:



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