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EcoAct’s FTSE Sustainability Reporting Research Warns Many UK Companies Lack Strategies to Reach Net Zero

45% of FTSE are committed to Net Zero transition by 2050, but only 16% have a strategy to realistically meet the commitment. Top scoring companies include Unilever, BT, Landsec, SSE …

IEA World Energy Investment 2021 review: Stop fossil fuel investment and push clean on energy investments for post-Covid recovery and net zero alignment

This year, the IEA World Energy Investment report gives the latest data and analysis on energy investment flows through the recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic, as well as full-year estimates of …
ITV Net zero heroes COP26 interview

Net zero heroes – ITV

EcoAct UK Managing Director, Stuart Lemmon speaks to ITV Director of Social Purpose, Clare Phillips to find out about ITV’s net zero journey, what’s behind their ambitious sustainability drive and …

Atos creates faster path to net zero with market-first end-to-end portfolio and Center of Excellence

The unique capabilities provided by Atos through its Global Net Zero Transformation Center of Excellence will be in 9 new hubs across Europe, North America and Asia Atos confirms its …