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EcoAct’s FTSE Sustainability Reporting Research Warns Many UK Companies Lack Strategies to Reach Net Zero

45% of FTSE are committed to Net Zero transition by 2050, but only 16% have a strategy to realistically meet the commitment. Top scoring companies include Unilever, BT, Landsec, SSE …

What is best practice when it comes to communicating about your climate commitments?

With ongoing debates and the ISO standard on carbon neutrality still in discussion, are you looking for solid guidelines for exemplary communication about your commitments? Faced with potential suggestions of …

Turning manure into renewable energy in rural China: Jialing China Biogas Project

Most rural villages of China’s Sichuan province have poor waste management practices. The improper disposal of solid waste releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas and the second largest contributor to …
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Case Study

Building the climate strategy of La Française des Jeux

Recognized worldwide and the leader of sports betting in France, the FDJ Group is working to reduce its carbon footprint and be recognized as an environmentally responsible company. EcoAct has …