Voluntary carbon offsetting

Achieve carbon neutrality

Objective: alongside your initiative to reduce your carbon emissions, voluntary carbon offsetting allows you to achieve carbon neutrality, today. Through this ambitious objective, you position yourself as an international leader in action for the climate.

Voluntary carbon offsetting: towards carbon neutrality

The aim of the Paris Agreement on Climate Change is clear: to keep the increase in temperature below 2°C, the world must achieve carbon neutrality during the second half of the 21st century. So we must achieve a worldwide balance between greenhouse gas emissions and absorptions.

At their own level, companies and regions can put in place a carbon neutral strategy to reduce and offset their residual greenhouse gas emissions, via the funding of low-carbon projects.

Carbon neutrality is an ambitious objective. It allows you to stand out from your competitors, to actively contribute to the global fight against climate change and to support populations in their development.


Our solution: tailor-made support for constructing a long-term carbon neutral strategy

We will assist you from start to finish in designing and implementing your carbon neutral strategy, via the development of tailor-made projects, in line with your carbon strategy and your sustainable development goals.

We offer you tailor-made support in using your carbon neutral strategy to differentiate yourself from your competitors:


  • We collaborate with around fifty project leaders around the world. The partner relationship which we maintain with them allows us to offer you a portfolio of high-quality projects, closely related to your concerns and expectations (site, technologies, co-benefits, etc.).
  • To increase the specificity of your initiative even further, we can also assist you with setting up, developing and funding ad-hoc projects.

We believe in the necessity to work with reliable high quality carbon offsetting projects, which will guarantee the coherence of your carbon neutral strategy. All the projects we develop or collaborate on meet the highest international certification standards:

Gold Standard Foundation
VCS certification
American Carbon Registry
climate action reserve

As well as these standards, all our projects have been scrutinized by our tool, Ecoscore 3.0, aiming to evaluate in advance the operational and reputational risks potentially linked to projects and the co-benefits which they generate.  


We will assist you to:

  • Audit your carbon neutral strategy;
  • Analyze the expectations of your stakeholders;
  • Design your carbon neutral strategy;
  • Fund your strategy (internal carbon funds);
  • Evaluate the results of your initiative;
  • Pass on information about the initiative.

Do you wish to offset your emissions and achieve carbon neutrality?

Support international climate solidarity with EcoAct! Submit your requirements or your project to us to set up your organization’s transition. One of our experts will recontact you within 24 hrs, after receipt of your request.
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EcoAct: a strategic vision of carbon neutrality, and experience on the ground of voluntary carbon offsetting

As an international pioneer in carbon offsetting – 1st VCS transaction ( 2007), 1st VCS + Social Carbon transaction (2008), 1st VCS REDD transaction (2010) -, EcoAct has supported companies and regions in their carbon neutral strategy since 2005.

So, EcoAct is helping the Livelihoods fund to implement the Hifadhi-Livelihoods project. Through this project, 60,000 improved cookstoves have been distributed in Embu County, in Kenya, thus helping to reduce wood consumption by 58% per household and to avoid the emission annually of 174,000 tonnes of CO2. 140,000 trees have also been planted as part of a reforestation program with the beneficiary families. The Hifadhi project is being developed and funded by the Livelihoods fund, in partnership with EcoAct and its local subsidiary Climate Pal.

The unique association of these two skill sets allows us to assist you in the best way possible from the design to the deployment of your carbon neutral strategy.

EcoAct is the only French signatory member of ICROA (International Carbon Reduction and Offset Alliance), which requires its members to observe a Charter of good practice for the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and voluntary carbon offsetting, recognized as the most stringent in the world. As an ICROA partner, EcoAct also contributes to several research groups which aim to develop methodologies and good practices related to carbon markets.

Finally, EcoAct is a Gold Standard partner for the development of the Gold Standard for the Global Goals, a new standard aiming to speed-up action in support of the climate and Sustainable Development Goals.