Plan for Zero: Scope 3.

Understanding the environmental impacts of your supply chain maintains your competitive advantage

Companies are increasingly under pressure from investors, legislation, peers and customers to measure and report their Scope 3 emissions.

Many major international corporates are using Scope 3 reporting as a means of engaging with their supply chain, asking them to provide sustainability information including carbon emissions and reductions as well as energy, water and waste efficiency

How we can help with Scope 3.

We can help you to understand what Scope 3 emissions are and how to tackle them.

What are Scope 3 emissions

Scope 3 emissions are those which primarily come from a company’s supply chain and are not under the direct control of the reporting company itself. Examples of Scope 3 emissions include business travel, employee commuting or emissions arising from the use of sold products. We can help you to identify them in your company.

Why should companies consider Scope 3?

Scope 3 mapping and emissions reporting is an opportunity to better understand the environmental impacts of your supply chain and maintain your competitive advantage.

Overcoming the challenges

EcoAct has extensive experience helping companies to better understand and overcome the challenges to calculate their full value chain emissions impact

Reducing your Scope 3 emissions

We can help you develop effective strategies for managing and reducing your Scope 3 emissions, minimising future risks and using the data to inform sustainable decisions about your company’s activities and products.

Broşürümüzü Factsheet

This Factsheet addresses arguably the most challenging and often the largest set of emissions for a business to tackle. It covers:

  • The challenges and opportunities of tackling Scope 3 emissions
  • A step-by-step guide to taking action
  • A supplier engagement and Scope 3 target case study
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