Measure & Manage: Energy Management Systems.

We will work with you to achieve energy (carbon and cost) savings through robust data collection, specialist systems and detailed analysis.

As we move towards a Net Zero carbon economy, ensuring that energy efficiency and robust energy management is embedded throughout the business is more important than ever.

Our services will assist you in developing, implementing and maintaining an Energy Management System (EMS) to turn raw data into useful management information which can be used to drive and monitor energy reductions.

A high-quality system will considerably alleviate the reporting burden as the demand for energy and climate information grows. Often locating and tracking all the energy data that is needed and collating it can feel like an insurmountable task, but we have considerable experience helping large and complex organisations to not only do this, but also generate a sizeable return on investment.

How we can help with Energy Management Systems.

Our energy management solutions can help you to achieve the following gains:

Cost reductions

Reducing the long-term operating costs of your business by finding opportunities for implementing efficiency measures. Our energy management services go beyond basic data storage to include invoice validation, exception reporting and emerging technology review which have helped to drive additional cost savings.

Legislative compliance

The compliance landscape is continually shifting. Are you prepared to keep up with the changing demands? We can ensure you have the right systems and processes in place and support you to comply with current and future carbon and energy legislation such as ESOS, EU ETS and SECR, MCPD, MEES and anything else that arises in the future.

Protection against energy market changes

Becoming a more energy efficient business reduces your vulnerability to increasing energy prices, increasing levies as well as any future energy market volatility.

Better sustainability reporting

With robust energy data comes better reporting to your stakeholders, particularly if you are able to communicate your energy efficiency achievements. We can help install and manage a system that provides regular reporting, tailored to your needs. The work you do here could also provide the groundwork for going beyond compliance and setting (and achieving) ambitious climate targets.

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Sustainability accounting systems and software

Enterprise-wide sustainability accounting systems can help companies to quickly and seamlessly analyse data, transparently communicate environmental results and accurately forecast reduction scenarios. Carbon software systems offer up many possibilities for collecting, analysing and reporting the right data, helping companies to achieve their specific reporting objectives.

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