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Contribute to Zero

Take positive action for the climate and help finance the transition to a Net Zero world.

A Net Zero world is one where we add no incremental greenhouse gases to our atmosphere. This means achieving a balance between carbon emissions and carbon sinks through a combination of emissions reduction within your business activities and carbon sequestration.

We can support you, not only in reducing your emissions, but in managing any remaining emissions via a credible offsetting programme. As an experienced project developer and portfolio manager, we know carbon offsetting and the international carbon market inside out. We can help you understand the different types of credits and how they can support you along your journey to Net Zero and beyond, whilst contributing to our global goals for sustainable development.

It is vitally important that the carbon credits you purchase come from projects verified by internationally recognised certifying bodies.

There is no replacement for urgent emissions reduction, but offsetting will play an important role in the urgent transition to Net Zero and in helping us to finance sustainable development globally. Therefore, it’s crucial that credits come from high quality, credible carbon sequestration and offsetting projects.

At EcoAct, our focus is on nature-based solutions to climate change. That means our verified projects centre around nature and people to ensure that they deliver real environmental and social value. All of our projects are aligned to support the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Whether you are looking to finance existing projects or develop your own, we can support you.

If you are confused about what credits you need to buy, what Net Zero really means and how offsetting can support your journey, you have come to the right place for the answers.


Voluntary Carbon Offsetting

EcoAct projects not only reduce global greenhouse emissions, but also tell exciting stories about communities.

Sustainable Development Goals

Linking corporate action to the universal language of sustainability.

Offsetting Project Development

Offsetting project development is about more than carbon, it’s about creating real socio-economic benefits, better life opportunities and a sustainable future for all.

Nature Based Solutions

Our experienced Nature-Based Solutions team helps companies support and develop climate projects that put nature and communities at the very centre.

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What is carbon offsetting?

We answer this and other FAQs is our factsheet, to help provide clarity on how carbon offsetting really works, the benefits provided by offsetting projects, and its role in tackling climate change.

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