IPCC Red Alert: Summary of the 1st part of the 6th Assessment Report

IPCC Red Alert: Summary of the 1st part of the 6th Assessment Report

Less than 100 days before COP 26, during a summer marked by devastating floods, droughts and fires, the first part of the 6th assessment report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has been published. Unveiled on Monday August 9th 2021, the conclusion of this new scientific work on climate is more alarming than […]

Important update on SBTs for Covid-impacted businesses

IPCC Red Alert: Summary of the 1st part of the 6th Assessment Report

The coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on many businesses around the world. Covid-impacted businesses have struggled to deal with major disruptions, lockdowns and uncertainty has made it a difficult time for many. Despite this, we are pleased to see that prioritising climate action and the setting of ambitious net zero targets actually increased, […]

The Paris Agreement: 5 years on we are cautiously optimistic

Anniversary of the Paris Agreement

Five years ago, the Parties to the UNFCCC negotiated the Paris Agreement – a landmark environmental accord that aimed to tackle climate change, adapt to its impacts and support the developing world to do the same. For the first time, the nations of the world had united in this common cause. This was undoubtedly a […]

Summary of COP 25: What now for the climate?

What next for the climate?

The summary of COP 25 is one of disappointment. It was impossible to achieve consensus between countries to finalise the operating rules of the Paris Agreement and ensure that it became operational by 2020. So, what happened and what does this mean for the climate crisis? Multilateral climate governance impossible to establish by 2020 This […]

COP 25: Crunch time for the Paris Agreement

COP 25 for the Paris Agreement takes place in Madrid

Faced with the challenge of making 2015’s Paris Agreement operational, this COP needs to be decisive. Having overcome some unprecedented political obstacles by changing host countries, then host continent, the COP 25 is going ahead. It will run from Monday 2 to Friday 13 December in Madrid. Special attention will be given to biodiversity and […]

SBTi announce important updates for science-based targets

IPCC Red Alert: Summary of the 1st part of the 6th Assessment Report

Following the IPCC Special Report on 1.5°C released last October, the sustainability community has been waiting to find out what this means for science-based targets. Up until now, a science-based target has been defined as one that aligns to the commitment of the Paris Agreement to limit global temperature rise to 2°C or below. However, […]

The opportunity in Carbon Neutrality

IPCC Red Alert: Summary of the 1st part of the 6th Assessment Report

Since COP21 and the adoption of the Paris Agreement, a growing number of nations and businesses have pledged to take action on climate change and made a commitment to a common goal: carbon neutrality. But what does this really mean to your business? Why should you consider a carbon neutral commitment?

COP 24: Limited progress but there is still hope in the fight against climate change

climate industry news

After last-minute discussions saw the extension of negotiations in Katowice, Poland, COP24 finally came to a close before the Christmas break. Three years after the signing of the Paris Agreement, which was a turning point in the fight against climate change and provided hope for climate action, COP 24 was supposed to be the pivotal […]