Net-zero FAQs: your top 10 questions answered

Net Zero FAQs - Lightbulbs

Net-zero. A term on which the climate hopes of a planet are hung. A term that presents a lot of practical challenges. A term that raises a lot of questions. In this blog we aim to answer to the most important ones. Net-zero pledges have been set by countries, cities and businesses as the deadline […]

What does net-zero mean for my business?

What does net zero mean?

The world is starting to look towards a vital global goal: net-zero. According to climate science it is essential that we meet this target by 2050 if we are to give ourselves a chance of limiting global warming and avoiding the most catastrophic impacts of climate change. The IPCC’s latest report on Mitigation of Climate Change […]

What is an Organisational Life Cycle Assessment (OLCA)?

Understanding a full footprint using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

EcoAct Senior Consultant, Lau Tambjerg explains how Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can work at an organisational level to add business value and aid the transition to net-zero. So far, more than of 70 countries  have committed to the ambition of net-zero carbon emissions. In addition, at the time of writing  2940 companies have committed to […]

Fresh Podcasts: Reducing Beauty’s Carbon Footprint & The Journey to Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Fresh Podcasts: Reducing Beauty's Carbon Footprint & The Journey to Net Zero Carbon Emissions

Fresh Beauty Podcast caught up with EcoAct CEO of North America, William Theisen, to discuss beauty’s carbon footprint, net-zero carbon emissions and all things sustainability. Listen to learn more about how EcoAct is helping companies like Fresh reach their net-zero goals. Reducing Beauty’s Carbon Footprint The Journey to Net Zero Carbon Emissions Reducing Beauty’s Carbon […]

How do you become a net-zero business?

Become a net-zero business -EcoAct

What is net-zero? Net-zero is more than just a buzzword, with an increasing number of countries and organisations across the globe now regularly declaring new net-zero targets. But what does net-zero actually mean? Essentially, net-zero is a state where no incremental greenhouse gasses are added into the atmosphere. In order for this to happen, it […]

Net-Zero Heroes: Pemberton Asset Management

Pemberton EcoAct Net-Zero Heroes

EcoAct’s Stuart Lemmon speaks to Ralph Hora, partner at Pemberton, about how the independent asset management group is addressing climate change, setting ambitious targets, overcoming challenges and seeing ESG as an opportunity. Where is Pemberton on its net-zero journey? What are your targets milestones, and what have you achieved so far? There has been a […]

What is best practice for communicating your climate commitments?

Best practice tip to communicating on climate

With ongoing debates and the ISO standard on carbon neutrality still in discussion, are you looking for solid guidelines for exemplary communication about your climate commitments? Faced with the pitfalls of corporate greenwashing, communicating about your climate efforts can feel like a minefield! In order to limit climate change in accordance with the latest scientific […]

SBTi launches new Net-Zero Standard

SBTi launches Net-Zero Standard

Ahead of COP26, the Science-based Targets initiative (SBTi) launched a new net-zero emissions standard for businesses that is compatible with the Paris Agreement. The standard requires deep decarbonisation of 90-95% of emissions by 2050, and sets out near- and long-term targets for the entire value chain. The remaining 5 to 10% of value chain emissions should be removed from the atmosphere and sequestered in carbon sinks in order to achieve net-zero. In addition, […]

Net-Zero Heroes – Lloyds Banking Group

Lloyds Banking Group

EcoAct CEO Northern Europe, Stuart Lemmon speaks to Olivia Cropper, Senior Sustainability Manager at Lloyds Banking Group to find out about the bank’s net-zero journey, what’s behind its ambitious sustainability drive and what are the main challenges of transitioning to net-zero. Can you tell us about your role at Lloyds Banking Group? I work at […]