Avoided emissions: The next frontier of target setting?

Avoided emissions

As part of the net-zero transition, companies now need to take action and mitigate climate change beyond the scope of their value chains. EcoAct Senior Consultant, Lau Tambjerg looks at the emerging concept of avoided emissions and how it could benefit your company. Beyond Scope 3 The Science Based Targets initiative’s (SBTi) global standard for […]

Homeworking Emissions: Our Expert Panel Answers Your Top 10 Questions

EcoAct homeworking emissions

Our expert panel answers your questions on homeworking emissions calculations and energy efficiency at home We recently held a webinar on the homeworking emissions methodology that we hosted in partnership with Lloyds Banking Group and NatWest Group. The webinar was very well attended and we received lots of questions on homeworking emissions from attendees. We […]

Avoiding emissions in the value chain

Avoided emissions: The next frontier of target setting?

In response to the call for a transition to a low carbon (and eventually net zero emissions) economy, more and more financial institutions are actively exploring ways to decarbonize their investment portfolios. The TCFD recommendations represent a commitment to better account for the risks and opportunities on the path towards a more sustainable global financial […]

New Regulation will Drive a Tenfold increase in Mandatory Carbon Reporting

Avoided emissions: The next frontier of target setting?

Yesterday the UK Government published its plans for the new Streamlined Energy and Carbon Reporting (SECR) regulations. It outlines the new mandatory reporting framework which will replace the existing CRC Energy Efficiency Scheme due to end in 2019. The SECR is designed to streamline and reduce complexity in the carbon and energy reporting landscape as […]

Good News for Your Carbon Footprint: The UK is going Green

Avoided emissions: The next frontier of target setting?

Earlier this month, DEFRA released their 2018 greenhouse gas reporting conversion factors. This year, there have been some changes to the methodologies used, as well as some key headline figures illustrating the UK’s (and beyond) progress towards carbon neutrality. The changes seen are important for companies in terms of reporting their emissions, as any significant […]

Against the Clock: The Palm Oil Problem

Avoided emissions: The next frontier of target setting?

Palm oil is once again a hot topic in sustainability with the announcement by Iceland that they will stop using Palm Oil in all their own brand food by the end of this year. This has possibly been spurred on by a recent report by Greenpeace entitled, ‘Moment of truth’. The publication claims that firms […]

Is the reform of the EU ETS sufficient to contribute to the Paris Agreement?

Avoided emissions: The next frontier of target setting?

On 27th February 2018, Member States (MS) formally approved the reform of the European Union Emissions Trading Scheme (EU ETS) for phase IV (2021-2030) at the EU Council. After more than two years of negotiations since the EU disclosed its initial proposal for reform, this approval by MS is the last political step before implementation.