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COP26 in action: EcoAct visits Craigengillan Estate Woodland Carbon Code project

EcoActors Josh Holland and Polly Stebbings visit Craigengillan While attending COP26 in Glasgow last month, EcoAct’s Josh Holland and Polly Stebbings took some time out from the talks …

COP26 week 2 round-up

In the final week, the Parties acknowledged that reaching the 1.5°C goal implies moving away from fossil fuels, though the formal ratcheting of ambition was postponed to COP27. Anouk Faure …

COP26 Summit Week 1 Round-up

As the busy first week of the COP26 Summit came to a close, Anouk Faure from EcoAct’s Climate Innovation & Knowledge Center (CLICK) looks at the most important announcements and …