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What are compound climate risks and how might they impact companies?

Compound climate risk is an increasingly common term in conversations about climate change. It is also becoming more prevalent in non-financial corporate reporting. In the context of climate change, compound …

Voluntary Reporting to Mandatory Reporting: 4 steps to future-proofing your organization

William Theisen, EcoAct North America CEO North America CEO, William Theisen, looks at reporting landscapes in the US and Canada to help companies prepare for mandatory …
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New EcoAct Climate Risk Platform assesses organisations’ physical vulnerability to climate risks

EcoAct, an Atos company launches the EcoAct Climate Risk Platform, a climate risk assessment and visualisation platform that assesses the vulnerability of organisations’ physical sites to 28 climate change hazards, …

How can EcoAct help businesses and societies address flooding risks?

Flooding risks are becoming more apparent. There have been numerous disastrous floods recently, and their frequency and intensity are increasing as a result of climate change. For example, in summer …

Flood risk: Impact, damage and recommendations for organisations

According to the IPCC report from Working Group I, global warming is expected to drive rising sea levels, and lead to more frequent extreme precipitation events that will intensify the …
Understanding a full footprint using Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

What is an Organisational Life Cycle Assessment (OLCA)?

EcoAct Senior Consultant, Lau Tambjerg explains how Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) can work at an organisational level to add business value and aid the transition to net-zero. So far, more …

Climate Risk & Adaptation: Q&A

Thank you to everyone who attended our webinar on climate risk assessment & adaptation strategies, organised on April 5th 2022 as part of CDP’s Bitesize Sustainability Webinar Series for Gold …

2020 CDP scores: EcoAct congratulates its A-list clients

Despite a very difficult year, the number of companies disclosing to CDP and our own client A-list has risen again. This morning CDP released the scores for the 2020 round …
Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) team at EcoAct Environmental Consultants

EcoAct launches new Nature-Based Solutions unit focused on climate change, ecosystems and communities.

What do we mean by Nature-Based Solutions? Nature-Based Solutions (NBS) are ways to address challenges such as climate change, access to water, social and economic development and disaster risk that …

The planet and our progress in 2019

In the sustainability world we are not light on research and findings. It’s often hard to keep up and harder still to find time to read them all. So, we …

What do investors really want from climate change disclosures?

Hermes EOS is a leading stewardship provider with a focus on achieving positive change. Their dedicated team of engagement and voting specialists enable pension funds and other longer-term institutional investors …
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COP 24: Limited progress but there is still hope in the fight against climate change

After last-minute discussions saw the extension of negotiations in Katowice, Poland, COP24 finally came to a close before the Christmas break. Three years after the signing of the Paris Agreement, …