What is best practice for communicating your climate commitments?

Best practice tip to communicating on climate

With ongoing debates and the ISO standard on carbon neutrality still in discussion, are you looking for solid guidelines for exemplary communication about your commitments? Faced with the pitfalls of corporate greenwashing, communicating about your climate efforts can feel like a minefield! The lack of a standardised framework and methodology on corporate carbon neutrality or […]

Turning manure into renewable energy in rural China: Jialing China Biogas Project

renewable energy china : local farmer working

Most rural villages of China’s Sichuan province have poor waste management practices. The improper disposal of solid waste releases methane, a potent greenhouse gas and the second largest contributor to climate change. In this region, fuelwood or coal is also the primary source of energy, which results in deforestation and both indoor and outdoor pollution […]

Cleaner cookstoves play a vital role in transition to low-carbon economy

Demonstration of cleaner cookstoves in the Hifadhi-Livelihoods project

Traditional cooking methods used in poor regions of the world can hugely damaging to the health of local communities and the environment. Cleaner cookstoves not only reduce carbon emissions, but also reduce wood consumption and local deforestation. By investing in offsetting projects that distribute cleaner cookstoves, organisations not only reduce and avoid greenhouse gas (GHG) […]

EcoAct helps launch pioneering new methodology for preservation of seagrass

EcoAct helps launch pioneering new methodology for the preservation of seagrass beds

Digital and environmental actors join forces to launch the first certification methodology of low-carbon projects dedicated to the protection of seagrass beds, with the Calanques National Park as the first pilot site.  EcoAct, an Atos company,  recently partnered with Interxion: A Digital Realty Company, Schneider Electric France and the Calanques National Park to launch the “Prométhée – Med” research project. This project aims to establish the […]

Carbon offsetting: is it really a solution to climate change?

Is offsetting a solution to climate change?

The term carbon offsetting is back in the spotlight, causing a little controversy and a whole lot of confusion. Are you still unclear on what offsetting really means, where the money goes, if offsetting is good or bad and whether it is really a solution to climate change? These answers to the FAQs aim to […]

Carbon neutrality is in fashion

Carbon neutrality is in fashion

Luxury fashion brand Gucci last week announced that it will be making all operations, including those in its supply chain, carbon neutral. The news followed an industry first earlier in the week with designer Gabriela Hearst ensuring her entire New York show was carbon neutral, supported by EcoAct. The news coincided with global fashion season […]

A clean winner for the US Open Tennis Championships

A clean winner for the US Open Tennis Championships

It was the US Open Tennis Championships this month and we were particularly excited as we have been collaborating with the United States Tennis Association (USTA) on their climate program. As a signatory to the UN Sports for Climate Action Framework, the USTA is committed to driving climate awareness and action throughout the world. Annually […]