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Endangered wildlife

Protecting the endangered wildlife of Borneo’s last peatlands

Peatland ecosystems play a vital role in combatting climate change as they take up and store unmatched quantities of carbon, provide refuge for rare wildlife and contribute to rural livelihoods. …

CORSIA: Preparing for take off

As the aviation sector readies itself for CORSIA, we take a look at current progress on deciding eligible offsets and how airlines can prepare themselves for a 2021 take off. …
Our carbon offsetting projects - EcoAct

Best Carbon Offsetting Project awarded to Cookstove project in Sudan

EcoAct’s Sudan Low Smoke Cookstove Project has today been announced as Best Carbon Offsetting Project in the Environmental Finance 10th Annual Voluntary Carbon Market Awards. The awards are selected by …

Clean Water Saves Lives

For many people living in Ethiopia, access to clean water is not available outside of cities. This means that people collect water from rivers and lakes and risk catching water-borne …