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Cleaner cookstoves project: Meet our local partners in Nepal

EcoActor Valentin Bouvier with our local partners Dharma and Brice and local beneficiaries in a recent field visit in Nepal. EcoAct is partnering on a project …
Demonstration of cleaner cookstoves in the Hifadhi-Livelihoods project

Cleaner cookstoves play a vital role in transition to low-carbon economy

Traditional cooking methods used in poor regions of the world can hugely damaging to the health of local communities and the environment. Cleaner cookstoves not only reduce carbon emissions, but …
COP 25 for the Paris Agreement takes place in Madrid

COP 25: Crunch time for the Paris Agreement

Faced with the challenge of making 2015’s Paris Agreement operational, this COP needs to be decisive. Having overcome some unprecedented political obstacles by changing host countries, then host continent, the …

Clean Water Saves Lives

For many people living in Ethiopia, access to clean water is not available outside of cities. This means that people collect water from rivers and lakes and risk catching water-borne …

Credible carbon credits: There is more to offsetting than you think

There is a certain amount of cynicism around the term ‘offsetting’. Much of this comes from doubts surrounding whether or not schemes actually deliver the carbon savings promised, concern over …