Solution: Manage your Impact.

Quantify your business impact and manage your data to meet your objectives, and drive climate and commercial performance.

Taking action for the climate is becoming a growing imperative for us all. We can help you not only understand what impact your organisation has on the climate, but help you reduce this impact and even help you to have a positive one.

With our experience, you can find the methods that make the most business sense for you.

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Voluntary Carbon Offsetting.

EcoAct projects not only reduce global greenhouse emissions, but also tell exciting stories about communities.
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Sustainable Development Goals.

Linking corporate action to the universal language of sustainability.
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Developing Projects.

Offsetting project development is about more than carbon, it's about creating real socio-economic benefits, better life opportunities and a sustainable future for all.
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Case study: SCHARR

"We not only “bring energy to life”, but also attach great importance to sustainability, resource protection and energy efficiency. It is common sense, that climate change is real and that carbon financing is one efficient way to do something about it. So we are pleased that this lighthouse project can be significantly developed by our contribution."
Rainer Scharr
Managing Partner of FRIEDRICH SCHARR KG
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Featured eBook: Countdown to net zero: becoming a carbon neutral business.

Countdown to net zero: becoming a carbon neutral business.

In 2018 climate scientists upped the ante on climate action, defining a 12-year window to prevent the most catastrophic impacts of climate change, and stating that globally we need to reach net zero by 2050.

Guiding you through the process, our eBook will demonstrate how, rather than being a burden, a carbon neutral strategy can work with your wider business objectives and ready your organisation for the times to come.

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Featured blog: Credible carbon credits: There is more to offsetting than you think

There is a certain amount of cynicism around the term ‘offsetting’. Much of this comes from doubts surrounding whether or not schemes actually deliver the carbon savings promised, concern over
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