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The Big eBook of Sustainability Reporting Frameworks

Our Big eBook of Sustainability Reporting Frameworks catalogues 26 of the major mandatory and voluntary frameworks, standards, methodologies and permits for businesses. It includes a summary of who reports, what is required and the benefits of each framework.

This is your go-to guide for environmental reporting.


CRaFT: The Carbon Reduction and Feasibility Tool

The increasing urgency of the climate crisis means that businesses are under growing pressure to set ambitious emissions reduction targets. With only a closing window of time remaining for adequate …

The power of effective energy management

As the worldwide focus on Net Zero intensifies, it will be increasingly important to have the fundamentals right – data, energy management, reporting – if we are going to cope …

Climate and the value chain: a roadmap for Scope 3 emissions reductions

This Factsheet addresses arguably the most challenging and often the largest set of emissions for a business to tackle. It covers: The challenges and opportunities of tackling Scope 3 emissions …

CORSIA: The Carbon Offsetting and Reduction Scheme for International Aviation

In early 2020, the final decisions were made on CORSIA, the International Civil Aviation Organization’s (ICAO) strategy for reducing emissions. Download the factsheet for a summary of the current carbon …

A guide to TCFD alignment

In our TCFD eBook we demonstrate how to improve business disclosures, strengthen climate and sustainability strategy, and future-proof business through one exercise: TCFD alignment.

The 2020 CDP Factsheet

With over 8,000 companies disclosing to CDP every year, it is one of the most comprehensive and widely-used climate and sustainability reporting platforms in the world. This year there have …

A to Zero: Guiding your organisation on its journey to Net Zero

A to Zero is EcoAct’s transformational programme for Net Zero. This five-module approach is here to guide you towards a credible and successful Net Zero strategy. What does Net Zero …

What is carbon offsetting?

What is carbon offsetting? We answer this and other FAQs is our factsheet, to help provide clarity on how carbon offsetting really works, the benefits provided by offsetting projects, and …

The Sustainability Reporting Performance of the DOW 30

We are delighted to present our second annual report into the Sustainability Reporting Performance of the DOW 30. Find out which companies have topped the leaderboards for climate-related sustainability and …

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