Providing confidence in renewable energy


With the Paris Agreement and the stark realities of climate change now pressing concerns, businesses are under mounting pressure to reduce their carbon footprints and account for their climate-related risks. Purchasing renewable energy is a vital part of business strategies to do just that, as well as to achieve their carbon neutral ambitions.

The good news is, there are renewable energy products that exist for businesses to enable them to purchase renewable energy, but at a time when transparency and accountability are intrinsically linked to reputation, it is vitally important that both suppliers and business customers alike have confidence in the renewable products on the market.

At Carbon Clear we work with energy suppliers to assure their renewable energy products and provide their customers with peace of mind for their renewable energy supplies and in turn their carbon reporting requirements.

Businesses want to buy renewable electricity as part of their environmental strategies and to allow them to report zero emissions. To do this they must provide proof. The verification and assurance of REGOs provides businesses with confidence that electricity purchased is generated by renewable energy sources.’  

Mark Chadwick, CEO, Carbon Clear

‘Business Renewable: REGO Backed Electricity’ by npower Business Solutions

In 2016 we partnered with npower to help them assure that their product satisfied customers seeking a renewable electricity supply. At that time the GHG Protocol Scope 2 guidance had been updated and npower wanted to ensure that the product was fully compliant with the new quality

criteria. Therefore, their clients receive 100% renewable and carbon neutral electricity consumption.

Working alongside npower’s Product and Proposition team, Carbon Clear reviewed all relevant documentation and conducted onsite audits to assess the processes, people and systems involved with the product’s operations.

Successful assurance complete, npower was issued with an assurance stamp, assurance stateme3nt and management report. The assurance process takes place each year to ensure continued compliance and adaptation to any GHG Protocol amendments allowing npower clients to purchase a 100% renewable electricity product.

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‘SSE Green’ by SSE Business Energy

Offered to businesses of all shapes and sizes, SSE Green is 100% renewable energy which also allows businesses to report zero emissions for their Scope 2 emissions under the GHG Protocol Corporate Standards. It is fully backed by REGOs certifying that the electricity has been generated exclusively through a portfolio of wind and hydro assets and these REGOs were independently verified and assured by Carbon Clear.

SSE Business Energy conducted their own research and found that almost half (45%) of businesses want to show they are a responsible business. SSE Green was therefore designed to help businesses of all shapes and sizes to demonstrate their environmental commitments, positive ethical choices and improve their sustainability credentials. Assurance of the product enables them to do this with confidence.


Assured renewable energy is helping businesses to become carbon neutral. Find out how you can start your own count down to becoming a carbon neutral business by downloading the eBook. You count down to net zero begins here.


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