Ribeirinhos REDD Project in Brazil

This project has provided Environmental Certificates to over 127 different households along the river in the Para region, providing land tenure security to local families, protecting the area from illegal logging and poaching, encouraging sustainable agriculture and providing more efficient cookstoves to reduce deforestation.
  • Cleaner Cookstoves
  • Forest Conservation
  • Tree Planting



In the Para region near Anapu and Pacajà, the Riverine population, living in the area as “traditional people”, do not have property titles. Therefore, land grabbers illegally enter the region pretending this area is a conflict region because Riverine communities do not have property title. When they grab land, they can plan illegal deforestation which contributes to climate change.

Beyond providing land tenure security via Environmental Certificates for local households, the project has also provided a one-on-one course for agroforestry systems and on implementation of energy efficient cook stoves for cooking as well as cassava, Capuacu, Pitaya and other fruits production to households.