Renewable Energy Generation

On a continent experiencing huge economic growth, the demand for energy is soaring in Asia. These two sustainable development projects in India and China are helping to fulfil the energy demand and the reliance on fossil fuels.
  • Renewable Energy



Wind power generation in India

About 70% of India’s electricity is generated by fossil fuels but wind is playing an increasing role in the generation mix.

This bundled wind power project, fully certified by the verified carbon standard (VCS), spans various states across India that have traditionally been reliant on fossil fuel generated electricity. The project plays a vital part in India’s shift towards a low carbon economy by generating electricity from a renewable resource and supplying it to the state grid.

The Gansu province solar project in China

Similarly, 85% of China’s electricity is comprised of non-renewable sources.

The sale of carbon credits from this VCS certified solar power project is financing the construction and operation of a 100MW solar photovoltaic plant in Guazhou county, Gansu Province. As a result, it is contributing to China’s sustainable development and supporting its shift towards a low carbon economy.