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EcoAct Group and CDP announce extended global partnership

June 25th 2018 // Read our press release 

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EcoAct and Carbon Clear join forces to help businesses better manage climate change impacts

July 13th 2017 // Read our press release 

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EcoAct and Forward Finance: a new partnership to assess and reduce risk related to investment portfolios

June 1st 2017 // Read our press release

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Rapprochement entre EcoAct et Alliantis

February 2nd 2017 // Read our press release

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SUSTAINABLE BRANDS: Gold Standard Launches New Framework to Accelerate, Track Progress on SDGs Read the article

L’Usine Nouvelle: Donald Trump has announced the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement. Summary of the speech Read the article

AGEFI: After Trump, the fight for the climate continues at company level  Read the article

LE MONDE : Big American bosses disappointed by the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement Read the article

FRANCE CULTURE : The economy rather than ecology for Donald Trump Read the article

LA TRIBUNE: Is the United States’ withdrawal from the Paris Agreement so tragic? Read the article

LE PARISIEN : Pont de l’ascension, watch out for pollution in traffic jams  Read the article

NOVETHIC : How can we incorporate SDGs in our business strategy? Read the article

LA TRIBUNE: How can we save the carbon market? Read the article

LES ECHOS : Companies: 5 tips for reducing your impact on the climate Read the article

LES ECHOS : Towards a multiplication of natural catastrophes Read the article

L’USINE NOUVELLE: In order not to be left behind, Europe must strengthen its commitments Read the article






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