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Green IT

The adoption of a Green IT strategy by IT departments drives the climate and carbon strategy of companies as a whole.

The IT department is not only a source of carbon emissions, but it also represents one of the major levers of transformation for all the company’s activities. The actions carried out by the IT department in its constant quest to add value and efficiency can impact the entire value chain of the organisation. The deployment of an effective green IT strategy has numerous positive impacts on the whole company.

When implementing a responsible green IT strategy, there are several steps to consider. We have been assisting our clients since the very beginning with: the definition of the ambition, measurement of the carbon footprint, emissions reduction trajectory and strategic and operational action plans.

How we can help with Green IT

Whatever your current level of maturity, our expert consultants specialising in Green IT can help you define your action plan and strengthen your current efforts, to help you deliver the most effective strategy.

Green IT

Define your ambition

We can assist you with defining a level of ambition in line with your CSR policy and your IT strategy.


Maturity assessment

Through interviews with key stakeholders, we can assess the current level of your organisation’s maturity in regards to digital decarbonisation, considering all the components of your IT.

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Measure and reduce your IT Footprint

Reducing the impact of your IT will have huge decarbonisation results. We can support with calculating and identifying recommendations for reducing your digital carbon footprint, in line with the GHG protocol or Bilan Carbone®.


Roadmap and action plan

We can provide you with expertise and methodological support in determining a robust action plan that includes recommendations for reducing your digital carbon footprint and gaining the support of key stakeholders.

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Banco Promerica advances in the establishment of goals for the pending sectors and in the application of actions to reduce emissions in the sectors with the goals presented for the NZBA. We align ourselves with international objectives such as the Paris Agreement and goals such as the NDC of Costa Rica and the Decarbonization Plan. We are committed to sustainable recovery and to supporting the development of an environmentally responsible society.

Michelle Espinach Mendieta, Sustainable Banking Manager

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