Contribute to Zero: Developing Projects.

Offsetting project development is about more than carbon, it's about creating real socio-economic benefits, better life opportunities and a sustainable future for all.

We have extensive experience in the development and execution of environmental and social impact projects, and sustainability programmes around the globe.

Our actions are specifically designed to deliver reductions in international greenhouse gas emissions whilst simultaneously solving real problems and promoting sustainable development in communities worldwide.

We believe strongly that to tackle climate change we need to help poorer international communities, many of whom will be most impacted by climate change, to implement sustainable development and empower people to have ownership of a more sustainable future. We are dedicated to supporting this through our project development. All of our projects are certified by a third party against internationally recognised standards to ensure the carbon credits and the social value delivered is measured and verified.

Our projects

How we can help with developing a project.

With 12-years’ experience as a project developer, we have a dedicated Project Development and Portfolio Management team that can advise and assist you.

Finding a solution for you

If you are looking to develop a project, create impact and manage your supply-chains, and/or build a portfolio of projects, we can advise on a strategy and find solutions to meeting your objectives and needs.

Designing a project

Designing a project that delivers measured reductions in emissions, sustainable sourcing and true value to people’s lives requires a great many considerations including knowledge of international systems and processes, not to mention huge passion for making a difference. We can support you with project engineering from A to Z.

Project implementation

We have a specialist team of experts alongside numerous local partners and international colleagues on the ground to enable deployment of projects around the world, and ensure long-term efficient management of your project.

Best practice

We ensure projects adhere to the best international standards and those most appropriate for the projects, partners and client's needs. This enables the delivery of robust, third-party certified products and impacts.

Portfolio management

Alongside our own projects, we work with partners across the world to provide our customers access to a broad portfolio of sustainable assets and high-quality certified carbon projects. We conduct due diligence studies on project investment.

All our projects can add value by enabling our customers to improve sustainability disclosures, demonstrate pro activity on environment, social and governance issues, contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, offset emissions and even help to achieve carbon neutrality or carbon positivity when in conjunction with ambitious emissions reduction programmes.

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La neutralité carbone fait aujourd’hui l’objet d’un engouement de plus en plus fort : chaque mois, partout dans le monde, des États, des métropoles et des entreprises s’engagent sur cet objectif ambitieux.

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Étude de cas : Développement de projets au Kenya

« Le projet Hifadhi - Livelihoods a trois finalités : améliorer les moyens de subsistance, lutter contre le changement climatique et améliorer la biodiversité, ce qui mènera à la croissance économique. »
Thierry Fornas
Président, groupe EcoAct
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