Digital Climate Solutions

Unlock the Potential of Data and Digital Decarbonisation

Digital technology is now an essential facet of any corporate net-zero strategy. How do you reduce the climate impact of digital infrastructure? And what digital tools will support your climate strategy and reporting?

The world is embarking on a significant period of transformation, both for digitalisation and for net-zero. There is huge potential for digital technology to provide solutions to many of our climate challenges and to accelerate progress on our climate goals. 

Our approach to digital climate solutions is broad: 

Green IT: As the impacts of digital technology on global carbon emissions continue to grow, it is important that companies are reducing their own IT footprints. Our Digital Decarbonisation Assessments provide a footprint and full decarbonisation maturity assessment and a roadmap for future progress. 

Digital climate tools:  EcoAct has a developed a number of specialist digital tools that support climate and sustainability programmes. From a sophisticated climate risk assessment platform to our climate reduction and feasibility tool which maps emissions trajectories and aids decision-making, our digital toolbox is constantly growing.  

Climate Data & Analytics: EcoAct is now positioned as a key player in climate data and analytics by offering innovative solutions, modelling, and data management services with our Climate Data and Analytics Unit. 

Digital for decarbonisation: As part of the wider Atos group, EcoAct is connected to vast expertise in the latest digital technologies (e.g AI, Digital Twins, Automation) to implement low-carbon innovations that accelerate business transformation and decarbonisation.

Find out more about our Green IT service to support your organisation’s digital decarbonisation journey.


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Numérique responsable

L’appropriation d’une trajectoire numérique responsable par les directions informatiques dynamise la stratégie climat-carbone des entreprises, et leur donne de nouvelles perspectives.

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A to Zero: Guiding your organisation on its journey to Net Zero

A to Zero is EcoAct’s transformational programme for Net Zero. This five-module approach is here to guide you towards a credible and successful Net Zero strategy.
  • What does Net Zero really mean?
  • What does the journey to Net Zero look like?
  • The full A to Zero programme.

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