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Posté 15th novembre 2019

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Established in 2005, EcoAct is a group of companies bringing together more than 110 experts and 40 operational people. Located in France (Paris, Lyon, Montpellier), the United States (New York), the UK (London), Spain (Barcelona) and Kenya (Nairobi and Embu) in addition to a network of dedicated consultants in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

EcoAct assists companies and territories in the definition and implementation of their climate and carbon neutral strategy, addressing all major issues (carbon, water, biodiversity, health, etc.). Driven by the same fundamental values, our experts develop strategies for mitigation, adaptation and compensation, enabling organizations to use the climate as a real lever for performance and innovation.

Offset/carbon neutrality/net zero are gaining momentum in all geographical areas. On the voluntary market, we see an international growing market and demand for offsetting. On the compliance side, regional and sectorial regulations are escalating (Colombia, California, CORSIA, article 6…). Project development is a demand from the market, and we assist to a growing interest in carbon sinks (forestry, tree planting, peatlands, agro, mangroves, technological sinks).

As we are a fast-growing organization, new profiles are joining us each year in the different centres of expertise. We are currently looking for a Processes and Quality Leader with a view to reinforce back-office expertise on offset end renewable energy assets management, and contribute to the evolution of the register tool, which aims to become one of the cornerstone of the group activities. He/She will execute various assignments described below.

If you have a desire to become an actor for change and experience a dynamic and motivating working environment, then this position is for you!


Title: Process & Quality Leader

The Process and Quality Leader undertakes and supervises the back-office operations on offset and renewable energy assets. He/She ensures the robustness of the environmental assets management processes at group level. He/she has a global vision of the geographical specificities (notably the registers), and ensures the coherency of the whole at the group level. He/She will have to challenge the existing and shall always envision positive evolution of the quality processes.

He/she will also contribute to the evolution of the register group IT tool with a view to gain efficiency and ease the expansion of the group activity on environmental assets management.

He/she contributes to develop the expertise of the group and assists business development during the sales process when necessary.


Main responsibilities include:

Process and quality Management

  • Supervision of Internal registry, stock management and certificates
  • External registries account management (including registries for all standards/retirements/certificates emissions/etc)
  • Update and manage follow-up of the registry processes
  • Support the annual internal audits (ICROA/ECOCERT/Veritas/Green-e) in liaise with other key staff and direction
  • Ensure excellence in the quality management (for credits, renewable certificates and other assets)
  • Contribute with the team (portfolio responsibles) to ensure that all information is available to the group Business Developpers: Collection, centralization and storage of project information, prices ranges, vintages, contacts, contracts (VERPAs and MoU)
  • Actively seek for improvement of the quality processes within BU with a view to gain time efficiency while increasing robustness

Development of a unique register IT platform

  • Contribute to the evolution of the EcoAct internal registry tool and processes (specification, follow-up the implementation, test, deployment)
  • Set up a unique platform which will ease the expansion of the group activity on environmental assets management
Business development support
  • Pilot regular reporting presentation : Analysis of environmental assets movements, sales, flows, stocks and reporting per technology, per country
  • Contribute when necessary to sales and business development (contribute to tenders, offers, presentation, customized solution for customers)


Required competencies for the position

  • Collaborative, Expert, Future Focused and Engaged
  • Creative, rigorous, curious and organized
  • Interested by geek talk regarding new tools, softwares, working methods
  • Ability to work with numbers and statistics
  • Excellent mastery of Microsoft Office, Access and MRV tools
  • Offset market and mechanisms curiosity and understanding
  • Understanding of carbon credits cycle and stakes
  • Collaborative and independent – both team player and being able to work autonomously
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Ability to analyse information and support the development of appropriate strategies
  • and plans
  • Able to work under pressure and solve conflicts
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Ability to represent EcoAct in key meetings and create confidence



  • Proven experience in software development project management
  • Experience in the sustainable development sector
  • Ability to work with databases, numbers and statistics (R, Access, SPSS, etc)
  • Confirmed high abstraction level and problem solver with Master level, business or
  • technical engineer background
  • Fluent in French and in English, with Spanish being a bonus


Location: The position will be based in Paris with international travel.

Compensation: Competitive salary and benefits package in line with experience.


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Please send your resume with cover letter detailing how you meet the above qualifications as well as your available start date to

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