Head of Project Development, Nature-Based Solutions (H/F)

Paris, France


Established in 2005, EcoAct is a group of companies bringing together more than 130 experts and 40 operational people. Located in France (Paris, Lyon, Montpellier), the United States (New York), the United Kingdom (London), Spain (Barcelona) and Kenya (Nairobi and Embu) in addition to a network of dedicated consultants in Africa, Latin America and Asia.

EcoAct assists companies and territories in the definition and implementation of their climate and carbon neutral strategy, addressing all major issues (carbon, water, biodiversity, health, etc.). Driven by the same fundamental values, our experts develop strategies for mitigation, adaptation and compensation, enabling organizations to use the climate as a real lever for performance and innovation.

Offset/carbon, neutrality/net zero are gaining momentum in all geographical areas. On the voluntary market, we see an international growing market and demand for offsetting. On the compliance side, regional and sectorial regulations are escalating (Colombia, California, CORSIA, article 6…). Project development is a demand from the market, and we assist to a growing interest in carbon sinks (forestry, tree planting, peatlands, agro, mangroves, technological sinks).

As we are a fast-growing organization, new profiles are joining us each year in the different centres of expertise. We are currently looking for a Head of Project Development focused on Offset and renewable energy with a view to manage and execute various assignments described below.

If you have a desire to become an actor for change and experience a dynamic and motivating working environment, then this position is for you!


Head of Project Development within the Nature-Based Solutions BU

The Head of Project Development is in charge of supervising the actual portfolio of projects developed by the Group (Hifadhi 1, Hifadhi 2 and Sudan), and of deploying an innovative portfolio of field projects, in line with the Group strategy (forestry, AFOLU, mangroves, cookstoves, boreholes, blue carbon, renewables, etc).  These projects will be developed worldwide, with local partners.

He/she manages a team of project managers and ensures the achievement of the projects’ objectives and deliverables (carbon credits, energy attribute certificates (EAC) or any other nature-based asset in the future).

He puts in place and follows the necessary KPIs and appropriated tools, in collaboration with the Portfolio & Partnership team, Process & Quality Consultant and the IT team. He/she will implement periodic review of reporting and indicators.

He/She especially ensures that EcoAct will develop a diversified portfolio of attractive Bottom-Of-the-Pyramid (BOP) projects which will allow EcoAct Group to invest in high impact Best-In-Class projects/nature-based assets to its customers. He/she will work closely with the Portfolio & Partnership team in charge of securing the sourcing of new credits or other nature-based assets by establishing purchase agreements / partnerships with involved project developers worldwide.

He/she contributes to develop the expertise of the Group and assists business development teams during the sales process when necessary.


Main responsibilities include:

 He/she will work under the supervision of the Nature-Based Solutions Group Director in order to:


Develop & manage a diversified portfolio of field projects

  • Contribute, under supervision of the Director of the BU, to the Project implementation strategy of the group (global strategy, partnerships, offer, risk assessment, …)
  • Explore and study project development opportunities to be submitted to top management and investment committee
    • Geographical areas: Latin America with a focus on Amazonia/Africa/Countries where there is regulatory market being implemented or defined
    • Type: Forestry/Afforestation/REDD/ Agroforestry/Soil/ Mangroves/ Blue carbon
    • Low financial exposure for EcoAct
    • Using various models (Developer, sponsor, arranger…)
    • Set up Business Plan for each opportunity, contribute to sustainable Business Models set up with partners and stakeholders
  • Ensure the achievement of the projects’ objectives and deliverables (carbon credits, energy attribute certificates (EAC) or any other nature-based asset in the future).
  • Set up and follows the necessary KPIs and appropriated tools (MRV), in collaboration with the Portfolio & Partnership team, Process & Quality Consultant and the IT team
  • Manage the existing (Hifadhi Projects 1 & 2 in Kenya, project in Sudan) and future project structures.


Manage the Project Development team of the Business Unit

  • Manage each project development back-office activity: carbon methodologies, feasibility studies, validation and verification documents, PDD, POA, SDGs, etc
  • Put in place internal and external capacity building on technical expertise
  • Manage performance targets through specific indicators (milestones, issuance of carbon credits and other assets, quality of service…)
  • Ensure that the group standards and procedures are applied by the team
  • Ensure the best possible match between needs and resources
  • Manage the team, ensuring back-ups as well as cross-skilling and collaboration throughout the team and within the Nature-Based Solutions BU
  • Contribute to people appropriate career pathways and competencies development
  • Anticipate risks (technical, financial, regulatory…) and set up appropriate mitigated actions
  • In partnership with the EcoAct Research & Innovation team, perform both competitive and market watch, paying special attention to the emergence of new regulatory markets and contribute to new products and services.


Required competencies for the position

  • Rigorous and organized
  • Good relationship capabilities
  • Strong proven knowledge in offset/EAC project development & management
  • Carbon finance expert (offset methodologies, market mechanisms, etc)
  • Technical expert on forestry, REDD+, mangroves, bioenergy
  • Collaborative, Expert, Future focused, Engaged
  • Curious (exploring new high impact opportunities through renewable energies, energy efficiency, etc)
  • Adaptability and flexibility
  • Ability to analyse information and develop appropriate strategies and plans
  • Team spirit and good management capabilities
  • Good verbal and written communication skills



  • Proven experience in carbon offset project development (minimum of 10 years of expertise in carbon methodologies, especially forestry & offset, carbon MRV, Climate change…)
  • Proven experience in management
  • Fluent in French and in English, with Spanish being a bonus
  • Position is Paris based 

Please send applications to [email protected], stating “Head of Project Development” in the subject line.


Pourquoi choisir
EcoAct ?

Chez EcoAct, nous sommes animés par un objectif commun de faire une différence. Aider les entreprises à mettre en œuvre des changements positifs en réponse aux défis climatiques et carbone, tout en stimulant la performance commerciale.