The journey from A to Net Zero: Using digital & data to build a low-carbon future

2 June, 2021 Online event

The journey from A to Net Zero: Using digital & data to build a low-carbon future

How can we use digital technology to reduce our climate impact? What is the role of data in the fight against climate change? Most importantly: how can we as a global community reach net zero emissions by 2050?

On Wednesday June 2nd we ran an international online event to learn more about how digital technology and green IT are essential tools to help businesses and organisations reduce their climate impact, protect their data, and move towards net zero.

Watch the event playlist here

The conference begins with an introduction from Atos CEO Elie Girard, followed by a look at the current climate context and the net zero objective with Nourdine Bihmane, Head of Decarbonization, Marketing and Growing Markets at Atos and Gérald Maradan, Co-founder and Group Managing Director of EcoAct.

Stuart Lemmon, Managing Director of EcoAct Northern Europe, walks us through the journey to net zero and, with the help of illustrations from a number of our clients, explaining the key elements of an effective decarbonization strategy.

Abbas Shahim, Global Head of Digital Decarbonization at Atos presents Atos’ expertise in decarbonized digital and green IT, accompanied by Rainer Karcher, Global IT Sustainability Director at Siemens, who presents Siemens’ strategy and approach to sustainable tech.

Finally, Jérôme Beilin, Director, Mathilde Mignot, Head of Portfolio & Partnerships and Roman de Rafael, Head of Project Development from EcoAct’s Nature-Based Solutions team explains the role of carbon offsetting via nature-based solutions. They are joined by Project Manager Kenneth Mwenda from Climate Pal, EcoAct’s team on the ground in Kenya.