Beyond the score: Maximising the benefits of CDP

1 March, 2022

EcoAct CDP webinar 2022

While achieving an A in CDP is, and should be, the ambition for all companies, there are benefits to disclosing to CDP whatever stage of the journey a company might be at.

The sooner that companies respond and take CDP seriously, the better prepared they will be for future challenges and potential risks.

Following the drop in A-listers in 2021, the aim of this webinar is to encourage companies to stick with it and show how there is much more to be gained from CDP disclosure than just a score.

EcoAct CDP webinar 2022 agenda:
• How to maximise CDP benefits for your company
• How can CDP guide your strategy
• Ask the experts – Live Q&A


  • Schannon Schauer, Account Manager Report Services, CDP Europe
  • Yue Qiu, Director of Advisory, EcoAct North America
  • Sarah McGaw, Consultant & Technical Lead on CDP, EcoAct Northern Europe

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