Change for Zero: Life Cycle Assessment (LCA).

Understanding the environmental impacts of your products and services throughout their entire life cycle will enable you to make the right decisions on climate and sustainability.

What is a life cycle assessment?

A Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) is a methodology to assess the environmental impacts of a product or service throughout its life – from raw material extraction, manufacture and use, to end-of-life disposal, recycling or reuse.

LCAs can be used comparatively to assess different product or service design options or to identify environmental hotspots in the lifecycle. This enables a business to make informed choices on how to most effectively reduce its impact on the climate and the environment, and to mitigate any risks posed to their value chain by climate change.

Further to this, LCA can be a valuable tool to stimulate innovation by supporting sustainable choices on product design, development and manufacture. With the arrival of net zero targets, new ideas, designs, products and processes will be required to facilitate the transition to a low carbon economy, and LCA can be a vital first step in this process.

How we can help with Life Cycle Assessments

Our expert consultants have experience in measuring emissions across complex value chains, and supporting businesses in understanding how to turn this analysis into effective strategies for minimising environmental impact and enhancing commercial value.

Why should companies use LCA?

An LCA can determine any potential environmental risks of existing or future products and help to mitigate these. It can highlight which stages of the life cycle are the most relevant areas of focus and identify measures for reducing impact.

LCA is a powerful tool in addressing climate change and can help calculate Scope 3 carbon emissions and facilitate a strategy for emissions reduction.

With the growing demand for low carbon solutions, LCA also supports the opportunity for innovation and design/product development, which in turn supports in future-proofing an organisation and delivering commercial returns.

Providing confidence in environmental claims

Product sustainability claims are becoming increasingly important for consumers, but without robust evidence companies face significant risks of being accused of greenwashing. LCA provides a robust and transparent way for companies to make claims on their products and to demonstrate a commitment to environmental sustainability.

How to do a Life Cycle Assessment

Every company and product is entirely unique and our EcoAct consultants can carry out life cycle assessments to your specific needs. The scope of the LCA can also vary. For example it could be a comprehensive study across the full value chain or simply an assessment of a specific feature of a product or service. We can also develop ecodesign tools that enable your organisation to carry out mini-LCAs independently, supporting the internal innovation process and guiding material choices.

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