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Objective: assess your environmental impact and optimise your performance.


Environmental impact: growing expectations from investors and consumers

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The performance of organisations is today directly linked to the management and optimisation of their environmental impact. In order to maintain their competitiveness, they must respond to new climate-related challenges, by reducing their carbon emissions. The Paris Agreement marked a decisive turning point, creating unprecedented awareness of the importance and urgency of taking action in the face of climate change: already at the centre of international negotiations, the climate is now studied by financial and non-financial analysts, by investors and by consumers.

The assessment of your environmental impact is therefore a crucial step in identifying your optimisation levers, enhancing your performance and increasing the confidence your stakeholders have in your organisation.

Our solution: to assess your impact in order to optimise your environmental performance

We will measure the environmental impact (carbon, water, biodiversity) of your organisation, your products and services in order to identify your priority levers of action and boost your performance.

Our fields of action:


Assessing the environmental impact of your organisation, your products and your services:

  • Assessing your carbon footprint

Whether you wish to identify your reduction levers or comply with legislation, we measure the greenhouse gas emissions of your organisation, your products or your services using the best methodologies available (Carbon Inventory® / BEGESR (greenhouse gas emission assessment) / GHG Protocol). With a presence on the market since 2005, we can guarantee you a thorough assessment of your emissions. Our experts incorporate your specific constraints into their analyses (sector, site, ) in order to offer you coherent operational avenues for improvement. EcoDev, our online platform, makes it possible for you to easily management your carbon footprint assessment.

As a leading international expert in the field of carbon footprinting, EcoAct is a member of the International Carbon Reduction & Offset Alliance (ICROA), and a founding member and member of the Management Committee of the APCC (Association of Climate, Energy and Environmental Consultants).

  • Life-cycle analysis

From a circular economy perspective, we assess and optimise the life-cycle of your organisation, your products and your services, from the sourcing of your raw materials to end-of-life. Our SaaS LCABox platform allows you to manage and implement your tailor-made LCA initiative, intuitively and collaboratively.

Our experts are also specialists in social LCAs, which aim to assess the social impact of your activity, at each stage of your wealth creation process.

Optimising your environmental performance:

  • Ecolabelling

With the benefit of solid expertise in the production of FDES (Environmental and Health Declaration Forms) and DEPs (Environmental Product Declarations), we help you create reliable and relevant ecolabelling for your end clients. Amongst its consultants, EcoAct has an FDES auditor, accredited by AFNOR standardisation.

  • CSR reporting

We optimise each stage of your CSR reporting initiative, whether it be regulatory or voluntary (GRI, CDP, SDGs etc.): the design of dedicated reporting protocols, the development of tailor-made interfaces, the collection and consolidation of data, the monitoring of KPIs, awareness creation and training for team members and optimisation of your performance with your stakeholders and leading international bodies.

In France and the United States, EcoAct is accredited by CDP (formerly the Carbon Disclosure Project) to support companies and regions in optimising their reporting of climate and carbon data. In 2016, more than 5,800 companies, representing 60% of world stock market capitalisation, provided information on their environmental performance to the CDP, which today represents a benchmark for non-financial reporting.

Are you seeking to measure the environmental impact of your organisation, your products or your services?

Submit your requirements or your project to us to measure your impact and optimise your performance. One of our experts will contact you within 24 hrs, after receipt of your request.

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Why should we measure our greenhouse gas emissions?

A performance issue:

Beyond the regulatory aspect, measuring your greenhouse gas emissions is a first, essential step in identifying your reduction levers, constructing your low-carbon strategy and optimising your climate-friendly activities.

Current legislation (France):

In France, carbon accounting is governed by article 75 of the French Environmental Code which requires that French companies with more than 500 employees and local authorities with more than 50,000 inhabitants publish a report on their emissions for scopes 1 and 2 every 4 years. The Energy Transition Law also requires French companies with more than 500 employees, with turnovers above 100 billion euros, to publish in their management report a report of “significant items of direct and indirect greenhouse gas emissions”, throughout their value chain.

In order to meet the requirements of investors and asset managers more specifically, EcoAct collaborates with Forward Finance to evaluate and reduce the risks linked to investment portfolios.

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