Renewable energy certificates

Go 100% renewable more easily

Objective: with the Green Electricity Programme, change to 100% renewable energy by investing in certified projects which observe your own selection criteria, significantly reduce your carbon footprint and optimise your actions in favour of energy transition.

Renewable energies: how can you trace the origin of your electricity consumption?

“By optimising their energy performance and making a commitment to go 100% renewable, companies can decarbonise their activities in the least costly manner possible. ”

Rachel Kyte, CEO Sustainable Energy for All

Energy and heat production is today the main source of greenhouse gas emissions, responsible for 25% of worldwide emissions. The transition from fossil-fuel energies to renewable energies is therefore a strategic lever for reducing greenhouse gas emissions and embracing the 2º C target.

The renewable energy certificates – Renewable Energy Certificates, International Renewable Energy Certificates and Guarantees of Origin – are used in some countries to prove the quantity of electricity that is renewable in origin fed into the network, and to fund energy transition:

diagram of companies’ involvement, carbon pricing

For your company, renewable energy certificates are a guarantee of efficiency, allowing you to reach the 100% renewable target, without changing supplier and at the lowest possible cost, and to significantly reduce your carbon footprint (scope 2).

Green Electricity Programme: build your renewable energy strategy

Through our Green Electricity Programme, we help you at every stage to make your renewable energy supply strategy into a truly differentiating factor. We help you:

  • Identify your opportunities for differentiation: get a benchmark of your competitors’ strategies on energy and climate issues;
  • Affirm your ambition: definition of relevant objectives per corporate and business unit scales;
  • Guarantee the consistency of your approach: define your selection criteria and identify eligible projects;
  • Involve those who count: obtain the commitment of your stakeholders;
  • Observe the best practices: tailor-made construction of your portfolio of certificates and management of registers 
  • Optimise your initiative: managing your approach and your communications.

Green Electricity Programme: tailor-made support

The acquisition of renewable energy certificates is not an end in itself: to make this step a real strong point of your energy and climate strategy, we design tailor-made programmes which meet your strategic objectives and the expectations of your stakeholders on these key issues for your organisation.

tax diagram, shadow pricing
tax diagram, shadow pricing

Our Green Electricity Programme guarantees:

  • Detailed monitoring of each green kWh of electricity acquired;
  • The establishment of a balanced and certified energy mix;
  • The assurance of no double counting and no double reporting;
  • Social and environmental guarantees, via the funds and requirements of selected labels.

Do you wish to go renewable and significantly reduce your carbon footprint?

Adopt the Green Electricity programme of EcoAct. Submit your requirements or your project to us for a renewable energy electricity supply. One of our experts will recontact you within 24 hrs, after receipt of your request.

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Why call on EcoAct?

EcoAct is an expert in climate strategy for organisations, and guarantees you:

  • Total consistency between actions carried out and communications;
  • Simplified management by our sector-specific experts;
  • Expertise on the ground, acquired through the development of numerous energy efficiency projects.

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