Our CSR policy

Contributing to our overall performance

In helping our customers to develop and implement their climate strategy, we continually seek to offer them solutions which create economic, social and environmental value.

Aware of our social and environmental responsibility and our duty to set an example to our stakeholders, we have, since our creation, established our own CSR policy. EcoAct is today carbon neutral, 100% renewable, has Great Place to Work® certification and has seen its CSR approach become a driver of its overall performance.


Our CSR strategy.

Our CSR policy meets 5 main objectives:

  • To reduce our environmental impact:
  • To place employees at the heart of the company;
  • To be involved in civil society;
  • To guarantee a lasting relationship with our customers and suppliers;
  • To support research and innovation, in response to climate change.


The main achievements of our CSR policy

EcoAct is carbon neutral


By helping businesses and regions to anticipate and change in a positive way faced with the issues of climate and carbon, EcoAct naturally places climate change at the heart of its CSR approach. Aware of the necessity to act quickly and in a coordinated manner faced with this phenomenon, every year we implement a carbon neutral initiative.

  • We measure our carbon footprint, in order to monitor greenhouse gas emissions linked to our activities and inform our reduction measures. In 2016, our greenhouse gas emissions measured around 145 tCO2eq, 67% being linked to employees’ commutes.


  • We are reducing our greenhouse gas emissions;
    • We allow our employees to limit their commutes by setting up telecommuting and a video conferencing system;
    • We support the use of public transport by funding 100% of our employees’ public transport passes and around 50% of their Vélib’ subscriptions;
    • 100% of the electricity we consume comes from renewable energies. Via the purchase of Guarantees of Origin, we support a small hydroelectric power station located in Saint-Béron, in the Savoie region.


  • We offset our residual greenhouse gas emissions by funding a hydroelectric project in Sri Lanka. This project consists of two small hydroelectric power stations (1.6MW capacity), and helps to avoid the emission of around 5400 tCO2eq per year, almost 2100 return flights from Paris to New York. This project also offers non-negligible co-benefits for local communities, in particular helping to reduce the atmospheric pollution caused by fossil fuel power stations (NOx and SOx), and contributing to local economic development, job creation and the diversification of the Sri Lankan electricity mix.

EcoAct has Great Place to Work® certification

As a consultancy firm, our first concern is for our employees. In 2016, to increase well-being at work as part of our CSR policy, we launched a Great Place to Work® initiative. This collaboration helped us to identify our principal drivers for improvement, and to obtain Great Place to Work® certification in 2017. Amongst many other findings, the study revealed in particular that our employees are happy to go to work (89%) and are proud to work for EcoAct (86%). Without being an end in itself, today this certification gives us the means to continue with our ongoing improvement initiative, in order to strengthen the loyalty of EcoActors.

Social and environmental responsibility: EcoAct certification

EcoAct’s CSR policy reaches the Gold recognition level of EcoVadis, a collaborative platform that evaluates the sustainability performance of corporates. EcoAct is among the 5% of best-rated companies by EcoVadis.

Our CSR commitments


Through all our activities and with all of our stakeholders, we are also working on the following commitments:



  • Our employees come from 7 different countries.
  • Male/female parity is observed within our teams.
  • In February 2017, an associate director was appointed, the first woman to be incorporated as an EcoAct shareholder.


Job stability

EcoAct’s recruitment policy is based on three key principles:

  • To recruit as soon as an increase in activity makes it necessary and allows it,
  • To hire employees exclusively on permanent contracts,
  • To recruit trainees as a pre-employment strategy.



The welcome and induction into a new company are key stages in the life of an employee. EcoAct pays particular attention to this by establishing a personalised induction process for each EcoActor, allowing them to meet the different teams and become familiar with our organisation. Each new employee is also assisted by a mentor, who supports them in their first weeks at EcoAct and helps them with all practical issues related to their life in the company.


The balance and development of our employees

A balance between personal and professional life is key for the well-being and professional success of employees.

To help with this, in 2016 EcoAct acquired new premises in the heart of Paris. This new location, which is more centrally located for EcoActors, has helped to reduce average commutes by 40 minutes per day and per employee.

In 2017, EcoAct also rolled out telecommuting for one day per week for all our employees who expressed the wish to do so and whose position allows it.

Finally, EcoActors are entitled to all their annual leave from the first day of the year and on arriving in the company. They also benefit from great flexibility in taking these holidays.


Research & Innovation

Through our partnerships, we take part in numerous working groups with a view to developing standards, methodologies and innovative solutions for action in favour of the climate by companies and regions. We also participate in and organise many events (in particular via the Climate Club) to promote climate transition by organisations.

EcoAct signed the United Nations Global Compact, on 24 March 2010.

We thus undertake to make progress every year in at least one of the 10 principles of the Compact – Human rights, respect and protection of the environment, the fight against corruption – and to inform the United Nations annually about our progress.

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